Best Lipsticks For Deep Warm Skin With Black Hair - Red Apple Lipstick (2024)

Why Are These The Best Lipsticks For Deep Warm Skin?

If you have deep skin with warm undertonesthese three lipstick shades are going to be the perfect place for you to start. Your makeup bag won’t be complete without an orange-red, abrown toned berry, and abrick red with a brown undertone.We’ve gone into detail about each shade below, but for now let’s talk WHY.

When choosing lipsticks for someone with a similar look asMoniquepictured here, we’re really focused on enhancing features. The great thing about these colors is she’ll likely be able to still wear them as her features change over time. Maybe with only slight adjustments to how bold the colors are worn.

Let’s talk base lip color, the color your lips are with nothing on them. This is important because our lipsticks are designed to blend WITH your natural lip color not completely cover it up. So, these lipsticks would look different on someone who started off with a brown or purple base lip color, and may not be our first choices.

Monique’sbase lip color isabrown that differs from the color in her complexion. Knowing your base lip color allows you to find lipstick shades that are just a shade deeper for a “my-lips-but-better” look – the perfect everyday lipstick for looking pulled together without any effort. It’ll be your go-to, everyday lipstick.

If your base lip color is anywhere in the brown range these areallgood choices for you.

Firecracker – Spicy Red Lipstick For Warm Skin

Firecracker is a warm toned medium, spicy, orange red that resembles paprika. This unique color has no shimmer and is stunning! It has an orange coral undertone but a brownish red overtone. Wear it lightly or super bold with three coats – either way you will look incredible!This is thelipstickMoniqueis pictured wearing.

Drama – Perfect Everyday Lipstick

Drama is a stunning, deep berry/purple color with a strong brown base. While Drama can be worn deep, dark and sultry – it can also be worn very light if you apply one coat with a lip brush. Perfect color foryear roundand a multitude of looks!

Gypsy Soul – Brick Red Lipstick with a Brown Undertone

Gypsy Soul is a brick red with a brown undertone. It is deep and soulful and can be worn light or dark, which gives it incredible versatility. This no-shimmer lipstick is creamy and satiny smooth with its application. As it wears it stains your lips slightly – leaving you with a nice lip color that’s more matte than glossy and lasts a very long time.

Why Should I Choose Red Apple Lipstick?

Because you’ve never worn a lipstick this good before. It glides on smooth and is ultra creamy and moisturizing –thousands of five star reviews, waiting for you to read. For 10 years, Red Apple has specialized in clean, vegan, cruelty free & gluten free makeup for lips, eyes, and cheeks.

If you’re like us, you’ve been searching for makeup with just the right blend of high performance + quality ingredients + non-toxic + cruelty free. It can be tough to find (especially 10 years ago) so we created it. Then, we made sure it was free of animal bits and allergens for all our vegan & sensitive skin friends.

So, if you’re new here – welcome! We love helping you find the perfect lipstick shades for your medium skin tone – and if you want more suggestions for lipsticks that are great for your skin tone – or makeup for your eyes & cheeks justemail our beauty advisors, they’re standing by!

You’ve found high performance, clean makeup that won’t irritate your skin or make you sick (this is especially important for our friends with auto-immune diseases and cancer survivors/fighters). If you’re in one of those categories, we support you – and are glad you’re here!

We source thehighest quality clean ingredientsfor our makeup – and ensure that our suppliers do not test the raw ingredients on animals. We are Leaping Bunny certified, GMO free, Paraben Free & Gluten Free, to name a few. We exclude all toxic practices and ingredients from our company and products.

You’ve found makeup that glides on smooth, nourishes your skin, lashes and lips – and is truly enjoyable to wear.

You’ve found a company that cares about its customers. We treat you, the way you would treat you!

Best Lipsticks For Deep Warm Skin With Black Hair - Red Apple Lipstick (10)
  • 6 Month Open-Container returns
  • Super Nice Customer Care
  • Quick Response Time
  • Coupons for every order (click here to get coupon emails!)

You’ve found a company who cares about the world around us. Your purchases help support women’s shelters, cancer fighters & survivors, animal welfare groups, auto-immune disease foundations and support groups (specifically Celiac Disease and Sjögren’s Syndrome). We love helping smaller groups that need support but don’t have national attention yet – if you know a group that needs support,click here to email us.

You’ve found Beauty You Can Believe In. No more searching, no more guessing, no more buying products that you can’t return.

Start shopping with confidence! And if you need anything at all –contact our customer care teamwho is eager to help you!

Other Makeup For Deep Skin With Warm Undertones

You might be wondering what other makeup will look amazing on your medium skin. We’ve linked some glosses that would look AMAZING with those lipsticks but also beautiful worn alone. Blush is one of our favorite products, because it brings your face to life – and the shade Good Vibes, is by far the best blush for deep skin!

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As a beauty enthusiast with a deep understanding of makeup products, I'd like to share insights into the article about Red Apple Lipstick and their recommended shades for individuals with deep warm skin tones. My expertise stems from a comprehensive knowledge of makeup, its application, and the nuances of choosing the right products for different skin tones.

The article introduces three lipstick shades: Firecracker, Drama, and Gypsy Soul, all priced at $25. The author emphasizes their high customer ratings, providing evidence of the quality and popularity of these lipsticks. The detailed descriptions of each shade showcase a depth of understanding regarding color tones, undertones, and their impact on various skin types.

  1. Firecracker – Spicy Red Lipstick For Warm Skin:

    • Described as a warm-toned medium, spicy, orange-red resembling paprika.
    • Highlighted features include no shimmer, an orange coral undertone, and a brownish red overtone.
    • The versatility of wearing it lightly or boldly with three coats is emphasized.
  2. Drama – Perfect Everyday Lipstick:

    • Characterized as a stunning deep berry/purple color with a strong brown base.
    • The versatility of Drama is highlighted, showcasing its suitability for various looks and year-round wear.
  3. Gypsy Soul – Brick Red Lipstick with a Brown Undertone:

    • Described as a brick red with a brown undertone, offering deep and soulful color.
    • The no-shimmer lipstick is noted for its creamy and satiny smooth application, with a staining effect over time.

The article goes on to explain the importance of choosing lipsticks based on one's base lip color. Monique, pictured in the article, serves as a reference, and her base lip color—a brown differing from her complexion—is used to guide lipstick selection.

Additionally, the article delves into why Red Apple Lipstick is a preferred choice. It highlights the brand's 10-year specialization in clean, vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free makeup. The emphasis on high performance, quality ingredients, and non-toxic formulations aligns with the needs of those with sensitive skin or autoimmune diseases.

The brand's commitment to ethical practices is reinforced through certifications like Leaping Bunny, GMO-free, Paraben-free, and Gluten-free. The company's dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in features such as 6-month open-container returns, responsive customer care, and the inclusion of coupons with every order.

Moreover, the article emphasizes Red Apple Lipstick's broader impact on supporting various causes, including women's shelters, cancer fighters, animal welfare groups, and foundations for autoimmune diseases. This socially responsible approach adds value for consumers seeking not only quality makeup but also a brand with a positive impact on the world.

In conclusion, the article not only provides detailed information about specific lipstick shades but also establishes Red Apple Lipstick as a reliable and socially responsible brand, making it an appealing choice for individuals with deep warm skin tones.

Best Lipsticks For Deep Warm Skin With Black Hair - Red Apple Lipstick (2024)
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