Great British Menu S18E08, Wales Mains and Puddings, great british menu full episode (2023)


Great British Menu S18E08, Wales Mains and Puddings, great british menu full episode


This year on Great British menu hot stuff coming through the creme de La Creme of the UK, chefs are cooking their hearts out for a chance to cook at the prestigious Great British menu banquet rock and roll, which this year celebrates Britain's triumphs in animation and illustration Of course, the chef's dishes must taste delicious, I'm not giving out point for confidence right, but they must represent the theme too.

A roster of revered, Great British menu winners return as veteran judges to score the regional rounds.

I'M scoring you a tenth.

I would give you an 11 if I could they've got their eyes, peeled and taste buds primed for Supreme, culinary skill and unparalleled Talent focused.

The pressure is on, as at the end of each day, the least successful Chef will leave the competition so excited it's day.

Two of the Welsh Heats Anything could happen yesterday after timing troubles, Simi was placed last uh-oh and went home.

The remaining three must now cook again on our theme of British animation and illustration quarterbacks, and they all return as desperate to stay in the competition at 11.

10, I think that's a bit greedy focused Mark is going all out this time.

The last bit is always hard.

Isn't it youngest competitor? Georgia knows it's, go big or go home not yet, and relaxed.

Westie has fire in his belly to take the lead hot stuff.

Coming through I'm Danny, let battle commence.

The three remaining chefs for Wales must now compete over Mains and desserts.

Mark is on 16 points, and Georgia and Westie are joint on 13 points.

The competition is heating up with only the best two will get to cook.

For the judges, my main focus is going to the judges chamber.

I think I'll be able to do it case of head down.

Concentrating can't wait to start cooking, not much in it at the moment so new day.

I'M happy that I'm here cooking the main course yeah me too.

I was glad to get through that round before the Three Chefs get settled.

I've got a surprise for them.

Hello, chefs, hello, hello.

I've come to see you just to say hi, but I also have a little bit of news for you.

Lorna has to be at her restaurant today today, you'll be getting a brand new veteran joining us.

They are our very newest and most recent champion of champions and one of the most extraordinary chefs that we've ever had through the doors of Great British menu Spencer, good, looking forward to judging your dishes, so I'll be looking for exact, cooking, real depth of flavor.

The link to the brief and your personality coming through a chefs so wish you all the best of luck.

Thank you.


Metzger is the head chef at the Ritz's, Michelin style, restaurant and last year he won both the fish and main course at the banquet, as well as being crowned champion of champions.

I've been here before so I know what it takes.

Spence was a veteran that was a real careful seems like a bit of a tough cookie.

It was supposed to drop in a bit of a shock.

I was a bit nervous because he's affectionists, I'm looking for real perfection in their cooking.

Looking for textures flavors their personality as chefs different techniques and, most importantly, links to the brief ing to impress Georgia made sure she's extracting every bit of flavor from squab pigeons for her dish based on a little green train.

The name of the dish is overs delivery.

So it's inspired by either the engine five of the engine back yeah Excellence is an episode called Mr brogwin's pigeons.

What happens is the pigeons basically escape and I've manages to sing them down and take them back? Tell us what's actually going on the plate.

So on the plate, there'll be the squat pigeon different types of beetroots cook, different ways: black pudding, puree mits, tattoo mushroom, which I'm going to cook in a gummy.

So sauce I've never come across it before yeah.

So it's an Asian influence Source.

It's quite sweet and sticky and when you reduce it down it just has a nice glaze.

What are you doing with the pigeon, the pigeon I'm going to roast on the bone and then take off the breasts yeah the legs, I'm going to make a little Ragu and then all the other trim I'm using to make my sauce and what you're going for When you're cooking the pigeon um, I want pink, we look forward to it to get depth of flavor in her sauce.

She roasts the pitching bones, along with leeks, onions, carrots and fennel seeds, I'm hoping I'll, try and show my personality a bit more and the link to the brief.

Hopefully it's not too safe.

Meanwhile Mark is prepping his duck and Browning the wings to start a sauce.

It's the king's last Feast, so it's from the tales of babinokyon, so is that all teals of Wheels like mythology? Yes right! So what I'm doing is um, so the king thought of hits where the voice of Spear and then he was gon na die.

So they got him to cut his head off.

It's all, it's all weird! So so wait so they set off and they feasted for seven weeks with the singing birds of the Anon keeping him alive and what he wanted was to bury him facing France.

Protecting Britain with his head just the head just the head: it has a jolly little tail.

Basically, it's aged duck medieval times, right of course, yeah uh, then there'll be a crispy duck skin disc on top and then with that also, with the stuck hats, serve pink on a skewer and served with red cabbage puree, better squash and Elderberry.

You worried about anything all of it to be honest, because music are all perfect.

Good luck.

Thank you.

Mark begins his red cabbage puree, adding red wine, vinegar, red wine, orange juice and sugar to give it a sweet and sour taste.

I'M happy I'm here cooking the main course so my next challenge get to the ginger chamber.

Westy, meanwhile, is mincing chicken for his main course.

My dish is called Fox's Feast, so it's based around one of the Roald Dahl books with Quentin Blake's illustrations, Fantastic, Mr Fox.

I'M dyslexic so when I was younger reading books was quite a difficult task, so Quentin Blake's illustrations really helped to bring it all to life.

So this is a quite a personal connection, for you certainly is I'm going to be doing the fox's Feast, a nice banquet with some chicken kievs some nice roast potatoes and we're gon na have a cauliflower cheese.

That's going to be stuffed with cheese, sauce glazed up in some cider, some crispy chicken skin.

It's supposed to be a real Feast for everyone.

So did you say, stuffed with cheese sauce as you catch the cauliflower cheese, all the cheese sauce will be inside of it.

What's that in there, so these are corn flakes.

So this is what I'm going to be putting my chicken kiev through to give it a real sort of different crispy element on the outside.

Do you think that's better than a traditional kind of pancake? Certainly, do you get more of a crisp to it, nice and golden it's quite a nostalgic Dish as well? Isn't it it's trying to sort of respect the original dish that he's trying to up the ante so that it's worthy of being at the banquet? But it's quite a difficult thing to find yeah.

Definitely it's a really hard task, Wesley Brown's chicken wings and makes a roux for his traditional gravy from the feedback I got yesterday.

I'M really just going to try and dial the flavor up.

It's all going to be about pushing the flavor as far as I can get it.

So I put my smoked.

Butter in I've got two garlic cloves in my bouillon powders, going in, and I've got a whole truffling and a chop up and put in there.

As on things like Rollies and poultry, yeah birds of a feather flop, together, didn't they in the battle of the birds Mark, is cooking to stay in the lead, as he renders the fat on his duck before roasting the crowns in the oven, then he turns his Attention to his duck crisps, using a puree made from Duck Fat, skin and tapioca flour, careful the seasoning, that's number one and just make sure temperatures are right and if it's cooked perfectly he's also removing all of Marcus cooking King's last Feast from the tales of the Mabinogi and he's putting the duck hearts on a skewer.

What do you think about that? For a banquet Choice, a banquet it could put people off then stick it on a scooter might be a little bit too much for her either.

The engine main Georgia has stuffed her Suave crowns with herbs in my kitchens, this time, tarragon and rosemary, and I just want to penetrate the pigeons with as much flavor as possible as well so George's dish, iva's delivery.

Does it sound like a a fully formed dish to you this day? I question: how is how is she going to make that a banquet? Well, he dish.

It sounds a little bit like a restaurant dish.

At the moment, this is my Blackford in puree, so I'm just past net to get and onto Westie Foxx's Feast.

I do love a chicken Kia and corn flakes.

Are you approve, because that I'm not convinced I could be, but I'm not yet Westy's, making crisps using the chicken fat and skin I'm juggling quite a bit at the moment, there's sort of bits everywhere: they're all spinning plenty of plates as Mark purees, one lot of Butternut squash, while softening more with butter and salt in the water bath yeah.

I've got a liquid on at the moment because all last minute, so I'm trying to get things together now because everything's finishing the same time.

Oh he's a bit late and his duck skin crisps are overdone and he's also got problems with his red cabbage puree.

It's all right cabbage got a bit greeny, so I need to just cook it out more yeah, there's a bit of a squash puree here.

So what have you done with this just jokes with it roasted it and then pan and a bit of butter in a pan but chicken stock and then just bring it down and then blend it wish the rest of that.

Thank you.

Mark's puree was nice.

It didn't really blow me away, if I'm honest, it was seasoned, but I'm hoping that's, not the the fireworks of the dish.

Mark's hoping his duck will be the main attraction he finishes it on the barbecue to fire.

It medieval style and crisp up the skin.

Georgia adds lemongrass to her sticky Asian gomiso Sauce and is preparing beetroot, three ways: roasted pickled and pureed.

I've got my gummy so made: oh, my god.

I've made a dry, caramel, yeah and then I've added soy, sauce, white wine and some cherry vinegar and then cook that out and then just some lemongrass in the end, and I just want that to infuse now just to help with a bit of freshness.

So I tasted George's camiso I'd be interested to see how that works with the whole dish.

It could really be a highlight on it or it could be a little bit odd in the kitchen Mark checks.

His second batch of duck crisps as Westy checks, his chicken crisps, which, unlike marks, have come out perfectly cheddar.

He moves on to make the cheese sauce for his cauliflower to cut through all the rich cheesiness.

He wanted to add a Welsh dry, cider glaze, so took a trip to guinty drag cider you I drew hey Mercy.

How are you, what are you doing? I'M hoping you can sort me out with the perfect side of one of my dishes.

No worries follow me with it.

This is the the davenet uh single varietal, cider, sort of a medium dry, so how's that that's absolutely delicious.

I don't think it's quite what I'm looking for.

Buy some water gold a little bit sweeter that one's amazing, although I think maybe we need to go down a bit more of a a drier route there.

We are Wesley.

Try that one! This one is bang on really nice and acidic nice and dry, or really cut through the dish.

Well, that's the black dragon there.

It's so good! I have to go again.

I think Blake inside Fox's Feast Westie is now making his keys.

This is the minced chicken breadcrumbs tarragon.

He forms the mints around his truffle smoked butter, then coats them with flour, egg and his crushed up corn flakes.

So the cornflakes had a much crunchier texture than just using breadcrumbs.

I think they help elevated that a little bit further.

He firms the keeps up by chilling and works on his gravy.

It's what we've got going on in here.

So this is the fox's gravy.

This is a stock made from Duck bones: chicken bones and turkey bones added a bit of flour to it, cooked out everyone added it.

So it's essentially gon na have that texture and the flavor of a traditional gravy that you'd usually have Westy's got some great ideas.

You know it's real homely, nostalgic cooking, I'm just hoping he's elevated it enough to be a banquet worthy dish as the counter count that cauliflower with the cheese sauce and gives it a final bake owning her pigeon, finishing her vegetables puree, the nerves are kicking in now.

First, to serve will be Mark.

He sets the scene with medieval tableware and an enormous kingly head.

Well, I just need to finish the duck house carve the duck.

That's it three minutes to the Past.

Mark Wait next.

He carves his duck Crown happy with the cook and the duck.

I am he reassembles the slices back on top, so he can serve the duck complete then brushes with the Sherry, vinegar, cumin and fennel glaze.

I used to use that one about the evil times.

Just little hints because I still used to use the flavor food, he begins plating, the butternut squash and red cabbage purees.

Then gently fries the duck hearts before returning to his plates to add the squash fondants, topped with the crumbs of his duck crisps, mark one minute to go: wait, I'm sorry, the Elderberry Jew goes into medieval style jugs.

Then he soy glazes his duck hearts and sprinkles them with popped barley, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, I'll, follow you back scarce and then to serve with it.

Some Welsh meat so just remind us, the name and the inspiration of this.

The king's last Feast is from the tale of my pinocchion.

What do you think guys? It looks amazing, really good, there's, definitely a resemblance to the head as well.

I think that I think I'll take that one Chef.

Thank you.

What do you think guys yeah? I think it looks great medieval banqueting Vibes you get in it.

It was certainly a spectacle.

So talking about the duck cooking.

Are you happy with that? I am it's um, nice and pink breasted.

The Skins crisp.

The duck, I think, is cooked cooked there's a little bit over, though I prefer a little bit more room.

I agree on that.

It's just started to go that little bit, just a touch: cotton wooly, the Duck cards.

Do you think a banquet people would be happy to eat that? I think so.

I think it's important to Showcase cheap ingredients.


What do you think about the duck Hearts? I really dislike the texture and they're up there under for me yeah.

Well, it could be dark skin.

Is that that element there yeah? How do you think that's come out uh, not as I wanted um it's a bit too thin.

I love the butternut squash puree.

I think it's really creamy and the red cabbage is quite nice.

It's got a little bit of acidity to it, so I think it breaks through and if you're going to score this dish, what would you give yourself um then give it an eight.

Let's have some scores, I'm gon na give it seven yeah I'd agree.

I think seven have some meat.

Does that mean cheese? It certainly does okay Mark it's okay, but I wasn't up in my heart, see what, though it did feel like you're using a medieval Feast.

Oh nice, one Georgia will serve next and is assembling her bird nesting box props for her smoked.

Pigeon main, what's happening there with the fish.

You know so I've just got a little bit of my sauce in so I just want to caramelize and glaze the pigeons in that she played beetroot puree next to black garlic puree.

The squad breasts go into little bowls, so I'm just adding my gemiso into the mitsutaki mushrooms, one minute to the Past.

Please, Georgia Alicia, I might be a minute late.

The gamiso, glazed, matsutaki, mushrooms and roasted beetroots are added to the plate.

Good person job this one.

As Wesley and Mark start smoking, the clashes, Georgia, you're currently one minute over Spoons on a ragu made from pigeon-like mince, puts the dish off with pickled beetroots.

The name of the dish is Ibis delivery and it's inspired by eye for the engine.

The episode Mr brodwin's pigeons right should we gon na taste it good luck, Chef.

Thank you right, Georgia, you're happy.

However, it's all come out yeah, I think so.

The smoke element will represent the steam from IV engine.

Okay, let's start with the cooking on the pigeon Mark.

For me, it's got perfectly and we get their head to smoke in it as well.

How do you feel about the cooking of the pigeon is that you wanted to come out? It's how I wanted it cooked, except I wish I'd rendered a little bit more fresh mushroom.

What do you think about that? Maybe a Touch Too Tough.

I always say it's tough, It's just it's just meaty meaty of it.

Do you think that gamizo works well with the rest of the dish yeah? I think the gummisa works well and the mushrooms help for a bit of earthiness beetroots, quite earthy as well and the ragoo.

Is that how you want it to come out? You have all the seasoning in that.

I think it's a lot on the salty side, just a little bit and next time does it come together as a whole dish a coherent plate food.

I think it does sweetness milk pickle, I think as well, and if you're gon na score this dish out of ten.

What would you give yourself? I think a seven.

It was a seven I'd say an eight or eight.

Was it yeah? It was okay.

I was happy with the cooking.

It was just the rendering of the fat I just it was just a bit chewy, while the one I hadn't Westy's, the only one left to serve watch your backs really hot coming through.

He strains his duck fat roasted potatoes.

The keys are deep, fried will it come cool collected? Luckily, because it's a big sharing sort of piece there's no plating? No, I must remember that next time you've got two minutes of the Parsha.

Thank you very much.

He glazes the cauliflowers with his cider.

I think I'm gon na top this off with a load of Parmesan, because you can never have enough juice, then we've just got some chives on top of it, he starts filling the sharing bowls with the chicken crisps who doesn't like chicken skin one minute to the Past B, yeah sure is there anything we can do for you.

Should I just pop those roast potatoes in there for me finally gravy.

Thank you very much.

Oh thanks.

We've got Fox's Feast.

This is inspired by Fantastic, Mr Fox, and it's essentially the feast that you cook for all the animals stolen from the farmers right.

Should we go and taste it good luck, Chef! Thank you, foreign classic, chicken! Kiev! Do you think it stands up to the than the traditional one yeah? I definitely think the filling really adds a sense of occasion to it, and I think using the cornflakes on the outside is a completely different texture than people will be used to Georgia.

What do you think about the Kiev? It's different.

It's really crisp.

Definitely a good idea with the cornflakes and the cauliflower you're happy with how it's come out, yeah really hard for the cauliflower, I'm quite happy with how the cider glazes cut through the cheese as well.

We've still got a crunch, the cauliflower, which was not like overcooked, I quite like it me personally, I want more cheese and the chicken skin.

Are you pleased with how that's come out? I think maybe I want to go for a bit more of a sort of hotter roast on it to try and get some more caramelized chicken flavor onto it.

But overall, I'm quite happy with how crispy it is potato with a gravy good thing.

Gravy is good.

Yeah yeah really sort of like a ground yeah and if you're going to score this dish, what would you give it? I give myself an eight Georgia.

I think a seven on Google for seven as well for this competition I don't think they're.

All seasoned gravy is foreign yeah, really happy.

So Spencer he's obviously gotten his dish to the banquet.

So he knows exactly what what sort of needs to be there for it to win? What did you think of the overall standard? I think standard was actually really good, but there's a lot of things in every dish that everyone could have.

You know sharpened up, tweaked dishes with potential.

Definitely right, then: let's get these scores done, see what we get yeah.

Good! Luck! Good! Luck! Good Luck! At the moment, Mark is on 16, whilst Georgia and Westy are tied on 13.

So there were some great creativity and personality on these plates, which I was thrilled to see, but all of you made mistakes which I think you're probably kicking yourselves for so we'll start with Mark for your disc, the king's last feast I could see where you were Going with this dish with the link to the medieval feast, however, I wasn't fully convinced I think you could have linked the food slightly more with the the theme rather than relying on the props themselves.

I found the duck was a little bit overcooked.

I think you could have cooked it, a couple of minutes, less left it to rest, and it would have been much juicier and tender.

The dark heart I found quite rare and, I think, cooking at a banquet.

A lot of people would have found that a little bit difficult.

I think.

Overall, it was a good dish.

However, there was just a few small errors in each part which you can easily Rectify for them right, Georgia, for your dish, ivor's delivery.

It was a really nice presentation.

I really like the idea of the smoke pigeon, which tied the brief together.

The cooking of the pigeon was really good.

It was really well seasoned, really nice and pink all the way through well rested and, as you said in the Judgment chamber, a bit more rendering on the breast and you would have lost that little bit of fattiness the pigeon Riku.

I found it a little bit salty and, to be honest, it didn't quite come together.

The mushrooms were really tasty and the gamizo came through.

However, I would have preferred maybe a little bit of fruit on there something a little bit fresher as everything was quite earthy and Hearty, and you might need that little pop of freshness, right Westie for your dish, Fox's feast.

I like the presentation at the parts with your Fox's menu.

I thought it was a really really good link to the brief the chicken kiev.

I was a bit skeptical about the Corn Flakes on the outside, to be honest with you, but I thought they were crunchy and a really really good effect.

I think if you're going to change a classic, it needs to be better than the original.

I don't think this was the chicken mince on its own texturally.

For me just didn't work.

The cauliflower cheese was a little bit disappointing on the plate.

It was a little bit more like cauliflower, with cheese sauce on top, rather than what I think you were going for this dish for me had a lot of potential and I think, with a few small tweaks along the way, it could really score highly to the Scores mark I'm scoring you six, you cook this again.

I would say you really need to look at the cooking of that dark, particularly that dark heart, which was a bit challenging yep Westy, I'm giving you a seven.

I really like the generosity of your Feast.

However, as Spencer said, if you're going to reinvent the classics, it has to be truly fantastic and that didn't quite come off today, but it's got loads of potential in Georgia.

I'M scoring you seven! I I really like the way you approach this dish really really lovely.

Well done all three of you so next up it's the sweet course which is music to your ears.

You love sweets, love a dessert who doesn't like a sweet treat so wish you all the best of luck.

Thank you.

It never gets easier.

Does it with Westie and Georgia level pegging on 20 just two points behind Mark they start cooking their pre-desserts, I'm actually very pleased, even if it wasn't a high high score.

I definitely have a lot to prove going into my dessert.

It's definitely my time to shine.

They'Re, despite of the sex, so I'm two points ahead, but I'm going into the surf, so I'm not going to relax at Target but give it 100 seven.

For that course.

I was really happy we're on to Sweet.

I've got some great ideas and surprises.

I can't wait: Spencer will be blind tasting the pre-desserts which won't be scored, but they will be used as a decider in a tie break.

What I'm looking for in a pre-desert is something light refreshing to move you from Savory to sweet, I'm just gon na blend.

This Westie is making sorbet with strawberries and sugar stop.

So these are going to go in for 15 minutes for his pre-desert, based on a vintage popular ice.

Lolly advert, it's called Fab.

Thunderbirds I'll go talk in my era.

We've got a white uh like a milk and vanilla ice and then a milk chocolate layer as well, and then hundreds and thousands and then underneath this.

So I've got a beautiful strawberry sorbet.

So you've got quite a lot to do.

There's a lot of layering to go on and a lot of temperatures making sure all the layers are setting.

So that's my main worry with this really.

Georgia is also using strawberries and she heats up then chills down a puree.

Is that meringue or just yeah? It's the Italian meringue yeah, so I'm in the middle of making a party.

So the title is Troy Gwen drawing.

Yes, it's an animation that was made by a nine-year-old girl, oh amazing, and it's about a little bit of a horrible girl.

She wishes for a strawberry lollipop, but ends up with a giant strawberry lollipop which squashes it.

How big is your lollipop gon na? Be it's actually not a lollipop? It's going to be an edible strawberry.

Instead, oh I'm gon na make a strawberry parfait yep get that set, and then I'm gon na dip it into cocoa butter and white chocolate and red food color in this represents strawberries.

Your main concern would be setting things yeah just setting she flavors her parfait with the puree before piping it into strawberry, shaped molds.

To set then makes the coating for the outside I've just added some red food coloring into the white chocolate and cocoa butter.

Just for that, strawberry color, whilst Mark, is making a mascarpone orange ice cream puffing up wild rice for his dish, centered around another famous bear.

The name of this is the little Lost Bear, especially from Ruba.

The bear.

A served in a glass was a bit like a ganache, really isn't it.

Yes, orange ice cream round, fellow pollen puff rice and a better grated orange nice very sophisticated.

I like that.

The dish really isn't too sweets to either get the hint of the cardamom and I'm just the freshers of the fennel Safety.

First Westie dips, his strawberry sorbet lollies into liquid nitrogen, which allows each coating to quickly freeze before a mix of condensed milk and vanilla, then into milk, chocolate and finally, hundreds and thousands George's parfait is taking longer to set than she planned.

Not yet Mark surrounds his fennel namalucca, which is similar to a ganache and orange ice cream with a cardamom mousse and tops with puffed rice and finally, George's parfait is set to just quickly dip it in the hard strawberry shell.

We have one minute to the Past fantastic see: little atomizer strawberry Essence.

Fantastic little treats oh nice.

I just think they look very impressive.

Actually they look quite creative.

Don't they a little bit of fresh juice on it? I can smell.

It actually enjoy.

Definitely looks like a Fab.

Oh it's like a real thing.

You've definitely got the textures there, the flavor of that's really good.

Isn't it yeah? You cut that down by a third yeah, three bites and you'll be refreshed, nice and refreshing.

It's refreshing, the outside was quite nice, how that was really thin and crisp, but the inside I just feel like it needed a little bit more strawberry and also put some real strawberries in here.

Thank you.

It's really cute.

Can I have the scarf.

I, like those little crispy rice and the Orange, is lovely on top yeah.

I just think that the bottom layer should be a lot firmer and then less of the foam, because the foam's kind of broken down.

That's what's left us with that kind of soupy texture.

That's really nice sweet Seafood.

Yeah! That's why I went before I was going for like a crossover rather than not sweet.

Will you rank them in order? Definitely so number three number three: is this one here little Lost Bear and then my second one will have to be this one be careful what you wish for and in first place, which I thought was Fab, did you think you can work out who made which Um, I'm gon na say that Georgia made that one I would say, Westie made that one and Mark made that one absolutely correct.

Oh good time, for the dessert call final course and with Spencer's high expectations and scores.

This tight Anything Could Happen.

Mark is just two points ahead of the others, as he decounts his raspberry sorbet before getting it in the chiller.

I know what he's looking for Perfection so I'll just make sure every element is nailed.

With this brief, the chef can really be creative.

I'M looking for lots of different textures, different flavors and something to make people smile.

Let's crack on Westy's definitely got that in his mind as he begins some party Classics for his dessert.

This is for my ice cream, so I've got milk and cream um, Egypt and sugar.

Then I'm moving on to make my cake batter.

So I've got my butter going in and I've got my sugar and then I'm going to be putting those on to mix he mixes in the eggs and flour flour.

So I've just placed my cherries with some sugar, lemon zest, juice and Cherry puree into a vacuum.

Packed bag.

I just want to macerate them as long as possible and Mark adds sourdough to Blitz with milk for a parfait.

It's whatever fish is Holy sandwich, my favorite, the solutions from Ben and Holly Little Kingdom.

I watch with my daughter.

I watch it well.

She was a Molly and Ben with episode.

Dome is when the king does know where his Honey comes from, so he has a honey sandwich and then her children ask him.

Do you know where the Honey comes from? He said from a jar and then the story then goes through how this made and there's just a lot of bees everywhere.

How is this going to work on the plate, then? So what I'm doing is to take on a honey sandwich, so I'm doing a Sourdough with honey, parfaith, sourdough and honey parfait yeah sounds interesting.

It's a bread element, it'll be a hilly tweel, so that'll be this uh sandwichy, part yeah and then in the middle.

Is the sources to go with the honey sandwich? There's raspberry, Crema, raspberry, sorby, fresh raspberries there and I've got a bit of crispy raspberries just for texture again and some flowers to finish.

There's a honey at the fruits.

Yes, yeah, like almost like jelly sweets, sounds really interesting.

You've got a lot going on.

Haven't you yeah a lot going on honey, quite difficult? It can be quite difficult because obviously, you've got to balance out the sweetness.

I'M going to let you get off design, because you clearly have a lot of work to do for his honey, Pat de fui.

He elderflower, cordial honey, glucose and water, then pours it into b-shaped molds to set, as Georgia is heating up milk and sugar.

So next I'm making a plain ice cream base, which I need to get into the blast chiller to set hi Andy you're in your happy place, I'm in a happy place yeah.

What is the title of your dish next in space and it's inspired by an episode from Super Ted uh? She said yeah, the bad guy takes the nuts from the parrots and then Super Ted States rescue and bring them back.

I don't think those parrots will have any more trout spotty.

So how is this going to end up on your plate? So I'm making a toasted almond ice cream with macerated cherries, a cherry puree and then I've got aerated chocolate, an almonds wheel, a lot of Frozen pieces, so there'll be a cherry juice that I'll drop into liquid nitrogen and a vanilla spoon there that I'll also drop Into liquid nitrogen, what time is this fence for yeah love, the sound of the flavors? Think they work really well together.

Can you see it? No, I cannot see it at all.

I basically want the feel of like you're in space.

Well, I hope it works out.

If you remember all the timings of the settings and the temperatures yeah, please, Georgia continues by roasting almonds on the other side of the island, Wesley's filling Paddington suitcases with popping candy and crispy orange splitting eggs and melting chocolate for a moose.

My dish is called happy birthday - Paddington, of course, we're all here at banquet, we're celebrating paddington's 65th birthday.

I know it doesn't look the day.

We were 12, though he's looking good, so I'm going to be making a birthday cake.

His favorite thing, a marmalade sandwich, is going to be hidden in the middle right as where does he keep his sandwich under his hat? Oh so it's a hat cake.

So it's a hat cake.

Look at that in the middle.

I've got a uh a sponge in the middle of that is a beautiful marmalade that I've got, which has some whiskey through it as well.

So it's orange and whiskey in the middle yum you've got a really rich chocolate mousse around the outside.

That's then, set in the shape of a hat.

It's then sprayed with a orange and chocolate butter on the outside.

Then it's served with a marmalade ice cream on the side of it and all the little treats in the Box what'd.

You think about a whole banquet that goes down in the middle.

Obviously you said it's gon na look like a hat, so I hope it does anything you think about setting.

As always me and the blast chiller are going to be best friends.

Today, I've got my white chocolate and my cocoa butter going in for my flockage Wesley plans to spray flockage, which is a velvety coating on the outside of his cake.

Once melted, he colors it red and his mum has been knitting again.

My mother appreciate this turned up in the post as a little good luck.

Sort of surprise Mark adds his milk and sourdough paste to a honey Italian meringue mix for his parfae before chilling it in trays to set, he then starts spreading twill mix into silicone molds.

I'M doing the honey tweels, so that'll be the bright elements and the texture for the honey sandwich.

The tweels go into bait for just three minutes and he serves a raspberry puree egg and sugar mix for a Crema created the dessert after being inspired by watching Ben and Holly with three-year-old poppy Nell yeah, it's been nice to my daughter's figure.

Cartoon really do you want to make any sandwich? Okay, you want to try the honey sandwich.

It's a nice.

Do you want to try Dodge version for the competition? Yes? Is it better Bobby? I love my daughter, I'm glad she's at one of the judges which you're probably through back in the kitchen, Mark's checking the tweels as Georgia whizzes up her roasted almonds, toasted almond butter, so I'm making for my ice cream.

Westy's sponge is baked hot stuff coming through hot stuff, as Mark's wheels are finally ready to be cooked, yeah, I'm happy with them to cut them after just cook them three quarters of the way cut them.

Hi Mark how's it going good and it is your uh honey, 12 they're, my honey tweels yeah.

They look good and what you got here.

So this is the raspberry crumber.

It's not quite finished just these whipping slightly after it was to get it nice and smooth, looks like you're on track.


Well, hopefully, it's the last bit.

It's always hard.

Isn't it you've got to give yourself an extra minute or two than what you think yeah, because at that last minute it just goes so yeah.

It goes so quickly, but I wish you the best of luck and I think it all goes really well thanks, but needs to get his timings right, make sure the Plate's ready bring it all together at the end, so it doesn't melt in the kitchen.

Georgia has milk together and now sprays it into a container to make bubbly chocolate, whilst the Westie is having paddington's favorite ingredient.

So this is marmalade going in the ice cream.

It's delicious.

The ice cream is delicious.

He puts more laid sandwich.

It's taken my marmalade ice cream out of the ice cream machine added, my whiskey and orange marmalade through it so have a tasty yeah.

Next to the cake, you'll have a nice jar of marmalade ice cream, so people can just scoop it on straight onto their cake.

I've tasted Westy's ice cream and it was really good.

The crucial part of this dish is in making sure that the balance is right.

The ratios are correct in the cake I'm just hoping he can pull it off.

Georgia is whisking eggs and sugar for her vanilla, espuma and making almond tweels better and faster sugar together and then I'll, add in the ground, almonds to flour and Etc.

Amaretto, her inspiration is super Ted and when she was practicing back at home restaurant in penarth, she had a visit from Super Ted Creator Mike young.

So what inspired you to write super Ted? I was babysitting little boy, who was two years old of age and he was afraid of the dark and he'd been crying.

I was up and down stairs several times and the third time I went up there.

I had a tea towel in my hand, and so I tied it around the teddy bear's neck, and I said this teddy bear is also afraid of the dark, but when he whispers his secret magic word, it changes into Super Ted and so night of tonight tell Him these superset stories - that's amazing and super Ted - is now 40 years old.

Georgia creates her dessert for Mike to have a taste.

This is where I'm at so far with my dessert.

Would you like to give it a try? It looks really too good to eat.

Delicious were there and supertets Cosmic dust.

That's a great idea! Thank you! How's it going Georgia, yeah yeah I'll, get my aerated chocolate just come out, go for it! Thank you very much, so I just want it to melt in the mouth.

I want to just pop it back to the freezer just so it goes really cold.

You're up.

First, aren't you I'm at first yeah.

I still think I'm a bit concerned of how this dish is actually going to come together.

I think that's going to be her skill as a chef really to bring all of those parts together into one dish, I'm hoping that she can create a beautiful plate of food to give the feeling of space.

She takes Mike's suggestion and sprinkles Cosmic dust on the pass, then, with service imminent, she finishes her ice cream, I'm just adding in my almond butter and I'm going to pop it onto Blitz Mark cuts, his parfait into sandwich-sized triangles everything's last minute and Westie layers up His chocolate and marmalade sponge hat cake - oh this is a risky game.

Just before she starts building her space dessert.

Georgia drops a cherry, puree and vanilla espuma into liquid nitrogen to create space rocks and snow.

Georgia got five minutes for the past.

Please into the bottom of the bowls.

Goes the toasted almond ice cream.

So I've got a cherry puree! You happy with everything yeah I am yeah.

It's a macerated cherries and that's theater chocolate yeah to represent moon rocks.

I mean there's only a few people that know what goes on in space.

Well super Ted's, one of them, isn't it yeah.

He is two minutes to pass.

Please Georgia.

She places on the arm and tweel and has a large spoonful of both of vanilla, espuma and Cherry snow I'll be up in one minute.

More tweels are added with edible supertest stickers and she serves wearing bat cape and I do have a present for you guys too.

What age? Oh you're, too, kind we're all superheroes, so the name of the dish is nips in space.

That looks fantastic.

Good luck, chef.

I love the look of this.

It looks amazing.

Shall we see what it tastes? Like, certainly should so Georgia? How do you think has come out? The presentation was what I was after.

I wanted it to be.

Almost space-like with moon rocks and different shapes, the Almond ice cream seems to be like the center part of the dish.

Yeah people that favors come out enough yeah.

I think it's got a really good flavor, a nice toasted almond flavor.

What about that almond ice cream? I like it, I think it's a nice taste to it, because yeah good texture as well, though, and do you think, there's enough cherry on the plate yeah, I think, there's enough cherry on the plate.

I just wanted enough to break through the denseness of the Almond ice cream.

I love the acidity, that's in them.

I think they really pay a big part in the dish and cutting through the richness, the chocolate and the areas of chocolate.

It's always a bit nervous.

Doing things like that, you can never tell with the temperature of the room, but I was really pleased this melts away in the mouth.

We've got the vanilla snow and the Cherry snow.

What you think about those elements, I quite like the temperatures on it, where you get those bites of colds and the crunches from it.

Do you think this is enough to get you through? I hope it's enough to get me through.

Obviously, we're all really close on scores, so I really went all out with my dessert and if you have to score this dish out at 10, what would you give it at level? 10.? I think that's a bit greedy, but maybe a nine.

What would you say Mark? I think it could be a nine I'm gon na give it a ten.

I think it's really good fun.

She smashed it.

I think she did foreign bees.

What have you done to your bees? Just put a bit of a colored sugar, so black and soft we can look more yeah creates a sandwich using his tweels and Parfait looks very cute mark seven minutes for the past week.

Two early.

He needs to get the timing just right.

A serving too soon.

Might mean the parfait is still frozen or you're happy with everything so far, yep, that's one of the things called too soft.

Raspberry Crema is piped into honey pots, followed by the raspberry sorbet that person raspberry yeah just for freshers a bit of crispy and it's finished with edible flowers.

Thank you remind us, the name and inspiration of your dish piece.

It's a holy sandwich, my favorite celebration from Ben and Holly Little Kingdom; fantastic, good luck! So what are your first thoughts visually? I think it looks really elegant very pretty.

Shall we see what it tastes like, though, certainly definitely Mark? What do you think about the texture of the parfait? Are you happy with that? You're unpopular texture that puffy, but I think about three more minutes - would have just been perfect.

Just freeze more no defrost will you know just hard with the timing, so I go too early too much or too early.

It could be too soft.

It's a Sourdough, honey, perfect, very interesting and the Twill.

Are you happy with how that's come out if you're happy to feel a nice crisp to it which texture to the dish there's enough honey in there just hard to get a lot of Honey out of the tweel? It's just there, for you know for the sweetness.

It's real, I think it adds a nice bit of texture to it um.

I don't think it taste too much honey in it.

What did you think about this sorbet? I think the sorbet's lovely yeah, it's really fresh, the Honeypot, the free.

Are you pleased with how that's come out yeah? It came out as I wanted it's just there for a bit of fun.

Can you taste enough honey in the dish yeah? I can taste the honey without being overpowering and Mark.

If you had to score yourself, what would you give it? Eight, I'm gon na give it a seven yeah.

I think a seven as well, maybe just a few tweaks to help balance everything together.

Hey sir how's it going.

We have happy.

Yes, I know it's just the temperatures.

What two more minutes you know like it's, a tough one, isn't it yeah Wesley now chance to impress Ed when a place cooking for the judges as he starts to demold his chocolate mousse hat cake, good that blast chiller? Oh, it's too good.

He tries to smooth out the bumps, then gives it another quick blast in the chiller before spraying it with his Paddington red flockage.

The ice cream is quite soft, as he layers it in jars with lots more marmalade, you happy with everything yeah.

It certainly is paddington's huh and the room is darkened to light the candles so uh.

This is Happy Birthday Paddington.

It's a birthday cake for Paddington, Bear on his 65th birthday, one two three.

So people have fish Paddington.

That means happy birthday and enjoy your sandwich.

Finally, he cuts into the Hat cake to discover if his marmalade sandwich Center has worked.

Marmalade sandwich then serves with the ice cream and popping candy and crispy orange garnishes.

She's gon na have a taste, fantastic, good luck, chef, so cake ice cream.


Tell me: how do you think this will come out? It's not quite gone.

How I wanted it um just two little bits.

Really one is the the sponge.

I think it's touch over baked and um the ice cream.

Really I wanted it to hold off a lot more about time.

It was tasted, let's start with the ice cream.

Well, it's not an ice cream anymore.

The manly between the leaves didn't last expect I'm gutted from the chocolate mousse.

Are you happy with that? I think it's really nice and smooth it's quite rich in taste and I think the marmalade cuts through it really.

Well, it's a chocolate mousse.

Yes, texture is really nice, it's just very rich, so maybe a bit more Sponge, less chocolate mousse and let's talk about the the ratios inside the cake.

Do you think you've got the right amount of sponge for moose? I'M thinking? Yes, but I'm now I've tasted it again, I think maybe adding a crunchy layer as well.

Maybe some fuertine layer um something just there's a bit more of a bite inside of it, and if you had to score this dish out of 10, what would you give yourself uh I'd, give it a seven um.

I absolutely love it, but I just think there's some room for improvement on it.

So how would you score it? Georgia? I think I'd score a six.

I mean I love his idea, but everything's just a bit off.

I agree.

I'd give him a six: hey hello, how's it going okay, a little too bad.

Are you happy, ah a couple of things I I sort of want to work on with it.

I thought it was a really fun plate of food, dessert called Spencer.

How you feeling yeah, I think dessert course - can be quite difficult, can't it, especially in this kitchen right.

You know, you're, cooking out your comfort zone, different environment temperatures, time's an issue.

The chefs all had great intentions.

However, I think there was a few mistakes, really let them down and the schools are so close, they're, so tight, so you've got a big decision to make some scoring to do big decision.

Did you go get some schools? Let's go yeah! Good luck! Good Luck! Good Luck, foreign ly on 22 and George and Westie are tied on 20.

The dessert course is famous for creating challenges for our chefs, and today was no exception.

It says Georgia for your dish, nuts, in space, your super dead dish lit up the room when it came to the Past.

The Almond ice cream really was the star of the dish.

It had a great texture and an amazing almond flavor.

So well done, your almond twills were crisp and delicate your aerated chocolate, the flavor and aeration was great, but I just feel it could have been a little bit colder.

Cherry puree was well made, but the Cherry snow.

To be honest, I think you could lose this.

It didn't really add anything it just melted away and made everything at the bottom a little bit soupy.

You should think about the way you lay the dish up just to make it a bit more visually striking Mark for your dish, honey sandwich, my favorite, you hit the brief bang on your honeycomb's.

Wheels were crisp, delicate and well made.

The raspberry sorbet was smooth and had a great flavor.

The big issue on your dish was the parfait.

It was slightly Frozen in the center and it melted very quickly.

The sourdough made it quite grainy and a little bit unpleasant to eat.

The little Pat of weebee was a great idea, but unfortunately they just didn't look like bees and they also tasted a bit gritty.

Your dish was inspired by honey.

I just couldn't taste it enough.

The raspberry overpowered that delicate honey, flavor and just made everything slightly unbalanced.

Westie for your dish, happy birthday Paddington.

I did love the concept of the birthday cake, but unfortunately you didn't deliver that wow factor that you promised.

I was worried about the chocolate and the marmalade that it wouldn't be harmonious, but it actually worked.

Unfortunately, the sponge was overcooked, it was dry and crunchy, which you yourself said the ratio of mousse to cake.

I feel wasn't quite right.

There was far too much moose on the outside.

The ice cream had an issue with the setting it didn't hold and, to be honest, I didn't think it needed so much marmalade going through it.

The execution of this dish.

Let you down today - and it was such a shame, because it's a great concept and it really could have been a showstopper and so to the scores Mark.

I'M scoring you six.

The inspiration for this dish is lovely, but if you deliver a honey dessert, then it really needs to sing with the flavor of honey, and it just wasn't really there a twinkle Georgia, I'm scoring you eight.

I just feel, like you showed up on the dessert course and I'm just really happy for you.

Thank you really great Westie, I'm giving you a six.

So that means Mark and Georgia are both on 28 points and Westie.

I'M sorry but you'll be leaving us today.

Well done this week, it's been fantastic, having you in the kitchen, such a lovely, lovely energy.

Thank you so much.

Thank you.

Question commiserations guys.

Congratulations! Thank you thanks very much.

Thank you.

So much guys.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thanks well done, YouTube got a lot of work ahead of you.

I know yeah.

Definitely I can grab some rest.

Take your shoes off put your feet up to get this far.

I'M just so overwhelmed me and Mark were both strong chefs we're both on par with our scoring.

I just hope that I can get all the way and represent Wales.

I'M really excited to go cooking for judges tomorrow, I'm a sex off Spencer, we're going into model tied with Georgia, so I'll do little tweaks and hopefully go all the way and win.

I'M feeling disappointed.

I feel, as I've done myself proud.

I cook some great food she's gon na have to have another crack at it again.

The judges are really gon na have a tough time tomorrow, they're both neck and neck.

They just hope they both cook their socks off next time.

Mark and Georgia push their cooking to the limits, oh no, as they try and impress our judges so good, loved it and get through to the finals, Edith, Bowman and Colin Murray are out and about enjoying their food.

Indeed, in Food, Fest, Scotland, press red now healthier happier and Greener, is the plan in the podcast sliced bread.

Listen now on sounds up next surgeons at the edge of life foreign


Where can I watch old episodes of Great British Menu? ›

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Who won the dessert course in the Great British Menu tonight? ›

The judging panel, including Tom Kerridge, Ed Gamble, Nisha Katona, and guest judge comedy producer, writer and voice of Mummy Pig in Peppa Pig Morwenna Banks, were left impressed by several of the desserts. However, Adam's took the cake.

Is Great British Menu filmed in one day? ›

Competing on GBM is a considerable undertaking. Winning chefs can end up filming in stages for about 12 days, and in preparation can spend many hours developing and honing their dishes.

Who won Great British Menu tonight 2023? ›

The winner of Great British Menu 2023 was Adam Handling. Adam is the chef/owner of the Adam Handling Restaurant Group which includes Frog by Adam Handling, The Loch & The Tyne, Ugly Butterfly and Eve Bar. This is the third time the Scottish chef has competed on the show, including in 2016 and 2022.

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What dessert did Tom Shepherd eat on the Great British menu? ›

In the judge's chamber, Tom's dessert 'No ordinary school boy (Bananaman)' was given four 10s by the judges, the only dish to receive the full 40 points in this series.

What dessert is on the Great British menu 2023? ›

Following a vote from the banquet guests – members of the British animation and illustration industries – Handling's trifle-inspired 'Food Fight' dessert was declared the best dish at the dinner, resulting in him becoming the Great British Menu Champion of Champions 2023.

Who won dessert GBM 2023? ›

Adam Handling has been crowned Great British Menu Champion of Champions 2023. The latest series of the competitive BBC cooking show ended last week with Handling's trifle-inspired 'Food Fight' dessert declared the best dish at the Great British Menu ​banquet.

Do chefs get paid on Great British Menu? ›

The chefs on Great British Menu don't get paid to take part in the show, instead the restaurants they represent have to supply a budget, although it's expected that they make more money in return for the exposure they get on the show. Some contestants spend extra money on the props they use to present their dishes.

Which chef walked out of Great British Menu? ›

Securing a position in this year's Great British Menu regional finals wasn't meant to be for esteemed Aberdeen chef Kevin Dalgleish.

Will there be a Great British Menu 2023? ›

When does Great British 2023 start? The first episode of series eighteen of Great British Menu is set to air at 8pm on Tuesday 31st January on BBC Two, with episodes airing on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for the following nine weeks.

Who cooked for Great British Menu banquet 2023? ›

Adam Handling, Chef Owner of Adam Handling Restaurant Group, has been crowned the champion of champions and the winner of Great British Menu 2023. Adam's dessert was inspired by Dundee publishers, DC Thomson, and marked the 80th anniversary of the Beano and Dandy, including throwable custard, smashable cake and jelly.

What is Tom S Cow Pie on the Great British menu? ›

Tom S obliges with his big beef cheek, potato and onion pie with a hot water and beef fat crust, served with roast sirloin steak, maple glazed carrots, mushroom ketchup, chive emulsion and glossy gravy. This week's veteran, Paul Ainsworth called it 'the best pie I've ever had'.

Who is the chef at Portmeirion Hotel? ›

Mark Threadgill, Head Chef at Hotel Portmeirion, is one of four chefs competing for the Wales region on Great British Menu 2023.

Are Americans allowed on The Great British Baking Show? ›

You must be a resident of the UK.

Although the show is massively popular in the United States, the program is based in Britain—it is called The Great British Baking Show, after all—and aims to find the best British baker, so you have to be a resident of the UK to compete.

What has happened to Great British Menu? ›

For Christmas 2020 special series and thereafter, Andi Oliver stepped down as a judge and has replaced Calman as the presenter. On 7 February 2021, it was announced that Rachel Khoo would be joining as a new judge when the series returns in spring 2021.

Is there an American version of The Great British Bake Off? ›

“The Great British Bake Off” is coming to the states. Nine American bakers will enterthe tent to vie for the title of America's top baker. “The Great American Baking Show” — hosted by Ellie Kemper and Zack Cherry — drops on the Roku Channel this Friday.

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The idea, first floated by executive producer Anne Beattie, was to give the show an aesthetic. What Beattie was going for was a “village fete” theme and create a place where baked goods, jams and pickles could be sold, according to Mashed.

What desserts did the Tudors eat? ›

The Tudors were also fond of desserts (if they could afford them). The rich ate preserved fruit, gingerbread, sugared almonds, and jelly. However, in the 16th-century sugar was very expensive so most people used honey to sweeten their food. Marzipan was eaten in England from the Middle Ages.

Why is it called the Great British Bake Off? ›

When the show began airing in the U.S. on PBS and Netflix, many viewers noticed it was now being called The Great British Baking Show. PBS's public editor Madhulika Sikka explained the change in a piece back in 2017, saying that Pillsbury technically owns the rights to the term "Bake Off" in the U.S.

What 90s dessert is coming back? ›

Breyer's Viennetta, a '90s Favorite, Is Coming Back After 30 Years - Eater.

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Where happens to the leftover food on the Bake Off? You will be happy to know that the goodies do not go to waste, as the leftover baked goods are shared between the crew and the bakers themselves.

Who makes the desserts on Great British Bake Off? ›

Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood bring out the perfect cakes to show the competitors how it should be done. But the desserts are actually made by expert bakers hired by GBBO's production company, while the judging duo sit in hair and make-up, getting prepped for their turn onscreen.

Who is the female chef on GBM? ›

Lisa Goodwin-Allen
Cooking styleBritish cuisine
Rating(s) Michelin stars
Current restaurant(s) Northcote
Television show(s) Great British Menu MasterChef: The Professionals
6 more rows

Who won Top Chef Vegas? ›

Image of Who won Top Chef Vegas?
Michael Voltaggio is an American celebrity chef, restaurateur, and author. He is a Top Chef television series alum and the winner of season 6. His brother Bryan Voltaggio is also a celebrity chef. He resides in Los Angeles, California.

Do celebrities get paid for Great British Bake Off? ›

It has been reported that all the celebrity contestants who took part in the episodes, including Harry Hill, Alan Carr and Bill Turnbull, had their entire fees donated to charity. STORY: Who is Paul Hollywood's new girlfriend Summer Monteys-Fullam?

How much does Gordon Ramsay pay his chefs UK? ›

How much does a Chef make at Gordon Ramsay Restaurants in the United Kingdom? Average Gordon Ramsay Restaurants Chef hourly pay in the United Kingdom is approximately £13.71, which is 27% above the national average.

How much do royal chefs get paid? ›

The annual salary on offer will be at least £22,076 ($27,629) before tax, although if the successful candidate chooses to accept an offer of live-in accommodation and meals, that figure would be adjusted downward.

Why did Lorna leave Great British Menu? ›

The guest chef Lorna McGee was missing from the show this week - leaving BBC fans confused. Now, it has emerged Lorna was "expecting" her first baby and had to watch what she eats.

Why did the judges leave Great British Menu? ›

The decision to change the Great British Menu judges in 2022 came 17 seasons in, so it is unsurprising they wanted to keep things fresh. However, the BBC never formally issued an explanation as to why it made the move.

How did the chef on Great British Menu lose his arm? ›

Michael Caines, MBE, is a truly original British chef, who has created innovative and original dishes which have earned him two Michelin stars and numerous awards and accolades. Michael's career almost ended abruptly when he was involved in a serious car accident which required his right arm to be amputated.

Where is the Great British Menu 2023 filmed? ›

Where is the Great British Menu banquet held in 2023? For 2023, the Great British Menu banquet is happening at Brighton's Royal Pavilion.

Is the Great British Menu vegan? ›

The first few episodes will involve a vegan starter, a fish course, a main course and dessert. Out of the four competing chefs, only one chef from the North East will represent the region in the national finals.

Is the Great British Baking show coming back 2023? ›

The good news is that the show has been renewed and will return in 2023. A couple of major changes will occur heading into the new season, with the big one being the replacement of Matt Lucas, who departed the show in 2023.

Who gets invited to the Great British Menu banquet? ›

The final two chefs in each region to cook for the judges, who each week will be joined by a guest. During finals week the eight regional finalists compete against each other, four of whom will cook a dish at the banquet, and an additional runner-up serving their canapés and pre-desserts at the banquet.

Who voices the Great British Menu? ›

The Great British Menu (TV Series 2006– ) - Wendy Lloyd as Self - Narrator - IMDb.

Who is Tom on the Great British Menu main course 2023? ›

Thom Bateman, Chef Owner of The Flintlock at Cheddleton, is one of four chefs competing for the central region on Great British Menu 2023.

What do the British call a meat pie? ›

Cornish Pasty

The Cornish pasty is the British version of a meat hand pie.

Why are British meat pies oval? ›

Originally, mince pies were often made in an oval shape, reminiscent of the crib in the manger where Christ was born, while the top represented the cloth he was swaddled in.

What is the British popular pie? ›

Pie is a British staple and so are it's classic fillings, so it's no wonder that chicken and mushroom and steak and kidney are the most popular pie flavours across the UK!

Who owns Portmeirion Hotel? ›

Portmeirion is owned by a registered charity called Ymddiriedolaeth Clough Williams-Ellis Foundation. Portmeirion cannot be bought or sold, all its buildings have listed building status and the grounds are a designated Conservation Area.

Who won Welsh Great British Menu 2023? ›

SY23's Nathan Davies On Life After Winning 'Great British Menu'

Who is the gypsy chef? ›


Recognized for his unique ways of marrying his two greatest passions; food and travel, David has opened 16 restaurants in 8 cities across 3 continents.

Where can I watch past series of The Great British Bake Off? ›

Watch The Great British Baking Show. Netflix Official Site.

Where can I watch old TV episodes? ›

Retrovision is one of the best sources of free classic TV shows. It offers a massive collection of shows from the 1950s to 1970s. The site's user-friendly interface makes it a great choice for those new to free streaming. It also features comedy, adventure, drama, sci-fi, horror, and more.

Can I watch Great British menu on BritBox? ›

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Can I watch the Great British baking show on BritBox? ›

Stream GBBO season 13

And apart from unblocking The Great British Bake Off, you'll have access to other amazing UK shows and movies on Sky, Britbox, or BBC iPlayer. And undoubtedly, you'll get loads more content on previously geo-blocked Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and many other platforms.

Are all episodes of Great British baking show on Netflix? ›

The Great British Bake Off, as it's known in the UK, has been coming to Netflix in the US in some form or another for many years now, although only six collections of the show are currently available, with all the PBS seasons having been removed. The good news is that the show has been renewed and will return in 2023.

Why aren t all seasons of Great British Baking Show on Netflix? ›

The streaming service lost the rights to the old BBC/PBS seasons that were initially aired out of order (and caused all the number confusion in the first place).

Does Amazon Prime have The Great British Bake Off? ›

Watch The Great British Baking Show Season 5 | Prime Video.

Where can I watch British shows for free? ›

PBS: Best Free British TV Streaming Service

Entirely free.

How can I watch free series online? ›

Best Streaming Sites to Watch TV Shows Online for Free
  1. Project Free TV. Kicking off this list is ProjectFreeTV, a streaming site that has been around for quite a while now. ...
  2. Noxx. Up next is Noxx, an offshoot of the popular AtoZ Movies streaming website. ...
  3. Tubi TV. ...
  4. TV Muse. ...
  5. Soap2day. ...
  6. WatchSeries HD. ...
  7. Yidio. ...
  8. Primewire.
Jun 1, 2023

How do I watch old episodes on Paramount plus? ›

On the show menu, tap the Season number. If more numbers are shown, tap the available Season number button to switch to that season. If the season you wish to view is not shown in the list, unfortunately that means those episodes are not available.

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