LOTD - Revlon CB Lip Butter in "Candy Apple" - An Amazon Order Arrived! 7-10-15 (2023)


CoverGirl Queen Collection Natural Hue Foundation - Amber Glow
(mixed with)
Maybelline Dream Fresh BB - Deep Sheer Tint
Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Air-Brushing Bronzer (as powder)
CoverGirl Queen Collection Natural Hue Minerals Bronzer - Ebony Bronze
Lancome Le Crayon Khol Eyeliner - Raisin Noir
L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara
Sleek Blush By 3 Sugar - Turbinado
Wet 'n Wild Fergie To Reflect Shimmer Palette - Rose Golden Goddess (as highlighter)
Elf Makeup Mist & Set


Hello, my youtube family.

It is friday it is friday and I'm looking at five days of bliss I have to go out tomorrow to you know, cutie and mrs.

cuties thing I'm very.

You know I'm very flattered that they invited me.

That's all well and good, because you know I told you what was it yesterday the day before yesterday, I do not I.

Do not hang out normally with you know, outside of work other than you know like a Christmas party holiday party at this than the other, but this was a very nice surprise and I'm not gonna not show up so I'm going to go, but you know me: I look forward to my weekends to do okay, so I've got a load of laundry waiting for me.

Yes, a load of laundry again unix every week, people, but I've got five days.

So ya know okay, so ah gloriously Friday I'm, just you know beyond thrilled I'm, just like in shock, because I'm so thrilled okay hold on people, I'm a little that's much better.

I was a little low.

Okay I feel a little bit higher up now.

Okay, so there was a package that came my birthday, my birthday gifts to myself or slowly ever so, slowly, trickling in so you know, one package came already opened up the package.

Okay or I'll.

Show you what they are, but the pity I don't have to show you the actual package.

Cuz I, don't open it already! Okay, so there you go okay, so let's do loops of the day and then I will show you I lines.

My lips with Bobby Brown essentials.

Lip liner lip pencil in cola come up right there lying lightly and I filled my lips with 0, 35, candy, apple and I, didn't realize it was that sheer it's rather it's a sheer it's rather hard to open for some reason.

So rather sheer lip butter into you is there.

It is, and lord I have I have been slacking off on showing you the swatches, but here we go see it's rather share.

It's an orangey, red or reddish orange I.

Don't know why they call it candy apple.

It's not really candy apple first of all is a dark red, so this was Miss named, but hey I bought it anyway right, I, guess that was the whole point.

So there you go reapplication throughout the day, not not much, but you know the application throughout the day it just kind of fades away, but there it is, can be apple and there you go.

That is looks to the day.

Okay, let's get to the good stuff cuz! You know it's my birthday, money, I, don't know why the hell I'm so happy, I, money, I'm a year, older, honey, it's all cute and fun and games when you like reach the age when you're like nine, and you can't wait to get to those double digits.

Oh I can't wait until I tag okay, so this is 10 and then oh, I can't wait until I'm 13 and then you're, 13 and poo I can't wait until 16 and then 16 and then you can't wait until you're eighteen 18 turns into twenty 120 125 and then 25 starts to hit 30 and then it's like, oh I, need a man.

I need to get married and in the pressure well, I went through the pressure and I bypass the pressure.

Cuz I mean I did have men, it doesn't sound right, but you know what I mean I've had relationships throughout, but the end result did not you, don't nobody put a ring on it, as you can see, and now in my life I'm going to be 51 on Monday people Monday's the birthday month.

Thank me, I'm, actually celebrating my birthday on the actual day that I was born.

I was born on a monday, July 13 and here comes monday july, 13, so kind of leaders a big deal for me.

So there you go so yeah.

When you start to hit 30 and 40, then it's like oh Quixote's.

Birthdays aren't so much fun anymore, because now you know now the grays and things things that were hijacked up here are now falling down.

Here you know things: the body doesn't do what it was supposed to do or what what it used to do.

Is that wider? Unless you really kept up with yourself, which anyway goodies yes, let's focus Nancy focus on the goodies.

Okay, two things came only in this particular order to things came.

I got like things come in, okay if they may come after my birthday, of course, but because I got all the UM they're all from amazon by the way.

So I got all the you know.

This is ship.

This is ship, then they're not going to arrive until like July, sixteenth or july seventh hour, like damn after the birthday, but that's okay, that's all right! It's okay! What I got here? Let's do I'm all confused.

Okay, let's do this one.

I ordered this hot mama from the ball.

I, don't know who whose video I was watching and oh, it was Emily Noel, Emily Noel was showing this and she says she mainly uses this as an eyeshadow and I can see.

Why? Because, even though this is great, this son awesome, oh Jesus yeah, let me bring it a little closer because the light is I should I put it back.

No, but yeah it is.

It kind of looks like NARS orgasm, but it's not it's it's rather shimmery there.

You go it's rather shimmery and let us do a swatch, it's a great shape and so soft- and this is the shade now I'm thinking this- could be used as an eyeshadow as a highlighter but I'm thinking it might be a little too light for a blush, even though I bought it as a blush when I actually see it up close and personal.

I'm thinking I don't know it might be a little too shimmery, but it could be used as an eyeshadow which I haven't been using eyeshadows during the spring summer, one the hot months.

I could use it as a highlighter I, already have a highlighter going so I, don't wanna, miss mind up, but yeah I'm thinking.

This is going to be a highlighter for me because I'm all into the highlighter now, okay, speaking of which not that it has anything to do with highlighters.

I spritzed my face with the elf and it doesn't give me that much of a glow, but it keeps my makeup in place and basically that is what they're supposed to do is just keep your makeup in place.

I don't have the other one, the believe it or not.

The matte finish this one gives me more of a glove than this one, but I'm not disappointed cuz.

This one smells fresh, it just smells.

You've got the aloe.

You've got the green tea cucumber, oh, it just smells divine just this is good.

This is good, but I will be because I've only got a little bit of this one left, maybe the rest of the month for this and then then decisions decisions because I have the pixi I.

Have the Dewey I have this now so yeah I'm going to be quite confused, but this is the kind of confusion I can do when it comes to makeup.

I do not mind being confused okay, so I showed you the hot mama, the bomb hot mama, Thank You, Emily Noel.

Forgetting me all caught up into this, and this is the swatch of it.

On my hand, it's quite shimmery, it's not glittery its shimmering.

Can you tell who the guy shine? It's got that bit of shine to it.

So it's it to me.

This is a high light shine.

So it comes in its little case here you go hot mama the phone and I bought a still a baked cheap duo in the color pink glow.

Let's see what this looks like.

Oh it's, cute and I think I have a blush that looks like this from victoria secrets.

Oh damn, it is pink glow there.

It is ink bloats duo, two duo shade doesn't have a scent and that is it pink glow and one side Oh Lord.

It's got the same kind of shimmer as as the bomb, so okay I'm going to do the light side.

First, let's do the light side.

That's the light side, thanks even lighter than the ball.

That's the pink! That's this side there.

It is, and now I'm going to do the dark side.

Okay, the dark side I, could definitely use as a blush.

This is the dark side there.

It is that's the dark side.

There you go.

The light side, the dark side claim this is the palm, so the dark side could definitely be used as a blush and I guess the light side, another highlighter or a shadow or a few, no I guess on amazon on the site.

It looked a little different.

Look darker, so am I disappointed.

We shall see we'll see how I can use it.

I may try it out as a blush we'll see, I may even try the hot mama as a blush hey, it doesn't even say what it is.

Actually hot mama.

Oh it says shadow blush, so you could be using it as a shadow for English.

Ok, sexy shadow and beautiful blush all in one.

Alright I'm, not 100-percent yay, but I'm not completely one hundred percent disappointed either so, hopefully the rest of my stuff, the rest of the stuff that comes will be a yay because you know so.


This is my pink glow, pink glow stila, and this is my hot moment the bone.

Alright, so the gifts are, they oughta come in honey.

They are coming.

If, if some come, while I'm out cuz, you know, you won't see me monday, tuesday, wednesday, right if some come, I will make a short little video to show you what they are.

But if you don't see me, then that means nothing came and when they arrived they arrived.


So that is that, with that upon that people who there's nothing to talk about today, I was mellow all day.

I wasn't Pollyanna, but I was mellow and very cheerful, but I wasn't.

You know.

I wasn't happy on crack.

Like I was yesterday, I've toned it down.

Just a little I was pleasant.

I wasn't rude to anybody.

Okay, people would hate.

Temp badge is galore sure you want to keep it as long as you want.

I don't tell him that, but I'm thinking in the back of my head short, he said you can keep it for weeks, so I'm not sending out any more emails.

Not it's been a month.

It's been two months since you got it out.

No, no! No and people will keep the tech badges for months months, not just not just a couple of weeks months.

So if, by the end, because there are some out already and they didn't bring them back so if they aren't back by the time, I come back, I'm just gonna, let the whole month of July go and then august I made to send up just one email: you've had this out sense just wanted to, let you know.

Well, maybe I should email shorty and tell her.

You know someone so is that the badge out since such and such is it okay? If I sent her an email, because you know I don't want to be rude but big I came in, he was born born the bed.

I, don't know what the hell he was doing.

Action came.

One came from behind the window, it's the way he was coming out and he stopped on the bed.

Like short, like oh damn, I'm busted, okay, doctors tend to fix okay, so yeah 10 batches.

So there you go so like I said I don't know if I should email shorty and let her know that you know so and so I know she's a high exact, um I.

Don't want to be rude or anything but should I.

Let her know that she's had the badge out since you know july, something since july, six and his August first now and she hasn't returned it.

Is it okay? If I email her and let her know cuz, I don't want to come across his room and I: don't want to be a bully and I don't want to move.

So you know I'm just doing my duty, honey doing my duty.

You want me to be up front.

You want me to do more.

Well, I'm, going to do more, I'm going to email, your ass until you tell me please Lord Jesus, don't don't email me anymore, but you want me to do more.

So in order for cuz we don't sit in the same.

We don't sit in the same office.

I have my reception area and HR.

You know the three amigos they sit in their office by themselves.

So in order for me to be part of the HR department, I have to email or call you so maybe I'll call her cuz, that's a little bit more personal.

Sometimes she gets on me about what you need to use the phone.

More ok, I'll use the phone.

You want me to use the phone I'm going to use the phone.

I'll call you first thing: some song has had the badge out since july.

Six, it's now August! First! Is it okay? If I email her to let her know or should I let her you know continue to have it out I'm, just asking cuz I, don't want to be rude and I don't want to have any problems with the 10th badges or anything of that nature.

So you, let me know, don't say it like that people, of course not, but that's the attitude inside, because I don't want to show that I have an appt 2, I'm going to be doing that on the inside, but I'll just don't be as pleasant as punch blessing as punch Nancy.

Why are you even thinking about work? Girl, you're, not going to see those people's faces? I may see some of them at cuties.

Yeah come to think of it, I mean, but not I.

Don't think anybody in the HR department other than myself at least I hope not I, don't know I don't know because for all I know, mrs.

cutie could be friends with a new girl because they're about the same age, I think maybe new girls Lily younger or no, they might be.

They might be around us Amy and they could be good thick as thieves I, don't know I'll get the surprise of my life.

When I go two cuties celebration and see the familiar faces like odd, damn so, and so is here you know I'm just going to leave right, not really, but you know: I'm, not gonna, wait until the Sun Goes Down, okay.

First of all, they live out in farmingdale somewhere and I.

Don't live in farmingdale.

Okay, it's going to be a bit of a drive, so I got my dad my car all gassed up before I go there, I'm going to stop by a liquor store and I'm going back a little bottle of zinfandel I.

Think that's kind of classy can't go.

We can't go to people's houses empty handed people.

That's very rude, especially.

This is your first time and it's a celebration of some sort, I'm sure they'll, add wine and beer, and all of that- and I can even sqd today I said: is there a dress code? Is this going to be famous like hell? No, he goes come comfortable cuz, it's gonna be hot and I said well.

Is it a BBQ kind of a thing? He goes? No, it's going to be catered so I'm immediately thinking.

Okay, it's going to be catered.

So that's a little step or two above you know barbecue and the jeans, and all of that so I'm not gonna, be wearing jeans.

I, don't know what the hell I'm gonna be women.

That's the problem because I don't know what I'm gonna be wearing, but I won't be wearing jeans, I, wear something comfortable and something light, and you know something pleasant.

We shall see.

I don't know yet.

I have to go and check my wardrobe and see what I can pull up pull away with.

Okay, so yeah at least it's not a hoity-toity thing, because I was really going to be really scratching my head or neck I.

Don't really have 42, we close I guess I should up my wardrobe a little bit yeah, okay, anyway, um! That's it in a nutshell: people that is it.

That is all I, showed you rock the couple of goodies that came, don't have to work with them.

They are workable, I'm going to have to work with them.

Hopefully they won't cause me any grief for any caring, and I showed you lips.

It's see it's already funny.

It's sort of connor fahey, we're ready already, but that's it.

This is you know facing just saying: I've got I'm doing a serious highlight job now and this this rain.

As you can see, it's all dirty up.

It's got to be clean over a weekend or whenever, because you know for the next aside from saturday, I'm not going to be wearing any makeup the rest of the week until I go back to work so my face is going to be fresh.

It's going to be clean, it's going to be minus makeup, Oh going to breathe.

Thank you Jesus, but you see this this here.

As you can see, this is how I apply my makeup.

Now, no more doing this I do the dip dip dip dip dip, not on my hands, but on my house I can I showed you my palate before people and and you'll tell that I could use the two cuz it's going to have to get cleaned up as well hold on gotta show you everything got, show you the goods so see.

This is the palette that, as you can see, I that's where I put the makeup and I do a little a mix because I mix my mind my foundations, foundations, cuz I've been mixing foundations together, along with my moisturizer and I, do a little spin spin spin, then I do a Deb Deb Deb and bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy bounce mouthy I have fun putting on makeup this air every morning.

I have a good time.

I have a good time and in the description box you can always feed the foundations that I'm mixing together and moisturizer, and all of that no I, don't tell you the moisturizer, but I give you the foundations that yeah I mixed two today you'll find out what they are.

When I write them down.

No now and that's it, I love this little packet thing that the that the palette came in and got even because this is the little mix and pocketbook.

The mixer goes right here and then I snap it shut and then I'll clean it drain week, and that is it people so I'm showing you all of this stuff.

Yes, I did you see as the face powder today so yeah, it's okay.

It comes across as a outer.

For me, this is the physicians formula.

Bronzer I, don't know if it's in light, just as bronzer doesn't say, light bronze or dark bars are just as bronzer.

So there you go so for a fairer skin person.

It would be a bronzer, but for a dark person such as myself, it is just a regular face powder and, of course, I ordered two more face.

Powders you'll see them when they get here I'm trying to remember what I ordered I ordered seven things I think I ordered seven things.

One of them is full look at it's one of his um scoop, free litter, refills and the rest.

Everything else is for me: no I ordered another one in this quiet moment calming eight things these he lives for these at night, moves toward them at night, and sometimes they call him and sometimes they don't or sometimes I.

Think you tried he's trying to fight the call like a little baby.

You know on the babies trying to fight sleep and then they just talk out I think that's what he does, because there are times when he'll, because I give him two and there are times he'll eat both of them and then he starts bouncing off the walls.

I'm going what the hell he's supposed to be calling in there and then he just crashes like you did you hear him yelling, yah, yah, yah and he's running all over the place and I'm going okay any moment he is about to hit a wall and sure enough.

They'll come down, it'll, do a little circle back out out and sometimes I'm still using the computer.

This isn't 1, I'm sleeping this is when I'm still on the computer, so he'll be out like a light on the floor, and I have to literally well button he'll hear me moving around and you automatically wakes up I said Libby, it's time to go to sleep, meaning it's time to come to the bed, and he just looks so tired, like I, really can't mom I can't budge.

So it's okay, even though he's sleeping at the foot of the bed or whatever, but he eventually bounces up on the bed, and then he does his little routines.

That I check outside for I, don't know what sit there for a minute and then he'll come and then he'll just vanish and that's in it and when the Sun comes out he's up before the Sun he's up.

You know at around three when the Sun is just peeking.

I love him to death, I, don't mind being awakened by my cat at all, and sometimes he'll just be right.

On my face, like I'm like oh wow, really I, don't mind, I mean I, mind because I'm being awakened, but he's my baby in a loving sandwich.

Right now, he's crouched he's like he's, like sleeping but he's like hunched like he's about to balance into action, but he's not really going anywhere.

It's just comfortable all right on that note people.

You know it's very tough for me to say goodbye when I'm going to be missing.

You guys for a few days, so I just wanted to tell you that the majority ruled as far as my select cheer powder is going.

Is history goodbye I'm not doing it back to mac thing, because I have to save up six mac products.

This is like the second mac product that I finished in what two years.

So you see how long it takes.

No, I'm not going to hold onto back tonight toss it done goodbye.

I, don't need another lipstick anyway, so okay and uh, my two lottery tickets from yes, eh yeah I didn't get not one, nothing! Nothing! It's just a rather disappointing week! So that's it! That's all I wanted to tell you.

I looked over at my notebook just to make sure that I told you everything and I have told you everything and that is it so I will be missing.

All of you, I will miss all of you like I always do.

Let's see, you won't see me for five place.

You really won't see me for five days, like I said.

Unless some birthday gifts came, then of course I can't wait to show you, but if you don't see me, then that means they did not arrive and Nancy is its north, but they'll come afterwards.

It is one of his people.

It is what it is, and on that note that is it, that is all I want everybody to have a wonderful weekend and a wonderful.

You know money, tuesday, wednesday and um.

You know, that's it make some videos, so I can catch up with yours.

Ok, and I will see you on thursday.

I will see you on thursday.

Unless gifts arrive.

Ok, I love you so very much have a wonderful weekend and I will talk to you on thursday for sure.

By now.


How do I track my order on Colorpop? ›

Once your order ships, you will receive an email with a tracking number that you can use to follow your package's journey to you. If you have an account with us, you can also access the tracking number for your order there, once it becomes available.

Why is my Colourpop order taking so long? ›

We do our very best to process and ship your order as quickly as possible, however once your order is transferred to USPS, it may encounter delays during its journey to you. The same is true for orders determined to be undeliverable by USPS and returned to our HQ.

How long does it take Colourpop to ship? ›

Our products usually – key word usually – ship within 3-5 BUSINESS days (business days do NOT include weekends or holidays)! However, if we have some crazy promotion or a new launch, orders may take a bit longer to process, so be patient my friend!!

How long does glossier take to come? ›

Please note, we only offer Rush and Expedited shipping to the 48 contiguous US states, and shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and remote areas of Canada might take a bit longer—you can expect your package within about 11–15 business days.

How long does pop in a box take to ship? ›

Delivery to You

Delivery normally occurs within 3-5 working days. Please allow 20 days for delivery to be attempted before reporting any order as lost.

Can you track mail order? ›

Whether you are the sender or recipient, you can track your item: Online: Use USPS Tracking® on the United States Postal Service® website.

Why do some deliveries take so long? ›

What are the top causes of late deliveries? The lack of professional delivery management and route planning software. No proper planning that result in poor customer experience. Manual dependencies and route planning.

Why is package taking so long? ›

Weather conditions or traffic – It is not so rare that during busy periods, such as holidays, or heavy snow, the parcel would take longer to arrive at its destination. Lost package – This is something you would not want to hear.

Why are deliveries taking so long? ›

Lockdowns, worker shortages, and slow port turnaround times have all contributed to worldwide supply chain issues and shipping delays. These problems have been felt by both retailers and shoppers.

Is Kylie Cosmetics just ColourPop? ›

So yes, ColourPop and Kylie Cosmetics are sister companies, but you're technically not wasting your money on those lip kits.

Is ColourPop sold in Sephora? ›

This budget-friendly beauty brand is now at Sephora — and we're obsessed! The wait is over! Check out Sephora's new ColourPop palettes and bundles, available to shop now.

Where is ColourPop located? ›

ColourPop Cosmetics, also known as ColourPop, is an American cosmetics brand based in Los Angeles, California. The company was founded in 2014 by siblings Laura and John Nelson.

What age group is Glossier for? ›

The brand is a favorite of millennials and Gen Z who like it pared-down, minimalist approach. In a statement, the company said that two in every five women between ages 18 and 34 in the United States have heard of Glossier and that it has more than 5 million customers globally.

Why did Glossier get canceled? ›

The collection didn't resonate, and the products' excess packaging spurred a prickly discourse: unsustainability. Customer frustration mounted. Glossier Play was discontinued after a year. In 2021, Glossier's U.S. sales were down 26 percent from the previous year, according to data from Bloomberg Second Measure.

How does Glossier smell? ›

First, you'll notice the sparkling pink pepper—a bright, spicy top note that makes a good first impression. Then you get into the woodsy, slightly sweet heart of the scent that comes from ambrette seeds and warm, ambery ambrox. Finally, it's balanced with the creamy freshness of iris, a white floral.

How long does it take to get an order from Funko Pop? ›

Our fulfillment center ships out your order using various methods depending on the size of your order. Most orders arrive within 10 business days of shipment. Business days are considered to be Monday-Friday and do not include shipping holidays.

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Go to http://www.photobookworldwide.com/help (it's located at our Help Home section), type in your order number and email address, press 'Check' and you'll be instantly updated with your order status. It's super easy!

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You can find the status of your order by navigating to your order within your Order History in your account. Once your order is shipped, a tracking number will be available.

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