Read The Excerpt From Children Of The Drug Wars.” To Ensure This Isn’t A Sham Process, Asylum Officers And Judges Must Be Trained In Child-Sensitive Interviewing Techniques To Help Elicit Information From Fearful, Traumatized Youngsters. All Children Must (2023)

1. Read the excerpt from "Children of the Drug Wars.To ensure this isnt a

  • It emphasizes that it is easy for children to get immigration status. It reminds readers that young, innocent lives are being harmed by failed policies. It ...

  • B. but I dont really remember

2. Read the excerpt from Enrique's Journey. Before the train leaves, the ...

3. Questions and Answers: Credible Fear Screening | USCIS

  • Missing: read excerpt drug wars.toensurethisisn'tashamprocess,asylumofficersandjudgesmustbetrainedinchild-sensitiveinterviewingtechniquestohelpelicitinformationfromfearful,traumatized

  • ALERT: Court Order on Circumvention of Lawful Pathways Final Rule On Aug

Questions and Answers: Credible Fear Screening | USCIS

4. The Children of the Drug Wars - The New York Times

  • Missing: excerpt | Show results with:excerpt

  • They come to our border to escape murder, rape and conscription in the cartels.

The Children of the Drug Wars - The New York Times

5. INS Guidelines For Children's Asylum Claims - AILA

  • Missing: read drug wars.toensurethisisn'tashamprocess,asylumofficersandjudgesmustbetrainedinchild-sensitiveinterviewingtechniquestohelpelicitinformationfromfearful,traumatized

  • A 12/10/98 memo from Jeff Weiss, Acting Director (INS) providing guidance on adjudicating children's asylum claims; primarily children who apply for asylum independently rather than as a derivative applicant by submitting a Form I-589 asylum application in their own name.

INS Guidelines For Children's Asylum Claims - AILA

6. [PDF] Fighting for a More Child-Sensitive Approach to Asylum for Child Soldiers

  • Yankene still risks being deported, however, if the government pursues its right to appeal. Unfortunately, Yankene's experience as a child soldier is not unique ...

7. [PDF] Telling Refugee Stories: Trauma, Credibility, and the Adversarial ...

  • And this manual, of course, is simply a manual, one that most immigration lawyers undoubtedly have not read. Any person licensed to practice law may.

8. [PDF] Educating Newcomers: K–12 Public Schooling for Undocumented and ...

  • ... read- ily support their children's educational needs. For example, parents of some of these children may be working very long hours and therefore cannot ...

9. [PDF] Reforming Affirmative Asylum Processing in the United States

  • INS Asylum Division, Washington, D.C.; see also supra notes 8-9 and ac- companying text (noting immigration statistics for fiscal years 1980-94). 104. See ...

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