The Best Submarine Games for PC: Dive into Underwater Thrills (2023)

Are you on the hunt for the best submarine games on PC? Submarine simulator games have a rich history dating back to the '90s, but if you're looking for the latest and greatest titles to immerse yourself in the world of underwater warfare, your options are somewhat limited. From recreating the everyday operations of military vessels to stalking battleships and delivering pinpoint torpedo strikes, submarine games offer an immersive experience that goes beyond simply sinking enemy ships. In this article, we'll dive deep into the world of submarine gaming and explore some of the top titles to play on your PC.

World of Warships

World of Warships brings the thrill of naval battles to the submarine genre. In a surprising turn of events, submarines have made their way into this free-to-play multiplayer naval combat game. Tested initially in Operation 'Terror of the Deep,' Wargaming has committed to integrating submarines into the main game with their unique combat mechanics, upgrades, and combat roles. With five different submarines to choose from, World of Warships has been going strong since its release in 2015, making it a must-play for fans of naval combat and WWII enthusiasts.

Cold Waters

Cold Waters serves as a spiritual successor to the classic 'Red Storm Rising' and offers a modern take on submarine warfare. As the commander of a nuclear sub, your mission is to prevent mutually assured destruction during the height of the Cold War. Patrolling the waters between the Labrador and Barents seas, you'll engage in intense battles against Soviet warships, intercept convoys, and deliver special forces behind enemy lines. With a diverse arsenal of over 40 vessels, ranging from wire-guided torpedoes to cutting-edge sonar technology, Cold Waters keeps you on the edge, constantly reminding you that you are both the predator and the prey.


Uboat presents a unique blend of third-person crew management and first-person action, striking a balance between strategy and action. As the commander of a WW2 U-boat, your responsibilities include executing orders from Kriegsmarine HQ and ensuring the health and functionality of your crew and vessel. What sets Uboat apart is the ability to switch to a first-person perspective, allowing you to navigate the U-boat, check on your crew, and even administer punishments if necessary. This hands-on approach adds a layer of immersion rarely seen in submarine games.

Silent Hunter 3

Silent Hunter 3 is the epitome of a comprehensive submarine game, immersing you in the role of a submarine commander. Offering a variety of campaigns and dynamic patrol missions, this game puts your skills to the test as the war progresses. At the beginning of the war, commanding a U-boat makes you feel like an apex predator, as few can contend with this new technology. However, as the war drags on, the challenge intensifies, with enemy vessels bringing escorts and aerial support. The game features a wide range of distinct submarines, each representative of its era, and boasts realistic details, both internally and externally.


Wolfpack is a first-person submarine warfare simulator that offers meticulously detailed U-boat interiors. While currently in Steam Early Access, it's being developed in collaboration with the Subsim community to create the ultimate submarine game. The game's cooperative gameplay allows you and your friends to assume different roles aboard a U-boat, patrolling the seas together. Wolfpack offers a first-person perspective with no external view, ensuring complete immersion and a need for expertise to succeed.


Barotrauma takes a unique approach to submarine gaming by blending multiplayer chaos, alien monsters, and FTL-style ship management. As you design your submarine and venture out to hunt down terrifying alien sea creatures, expect things to go haywire in this cooperative multiplayer experience. Keeping your sub operational is a complex task, and the presence of sea monsters only adds to the chaos. With the potential for amusing disasters and intense moments, Barotrauma offers a unique and engaging take on submarine games.


Subnautica is not a traditional submarine warfare game, but it offers an immersive underwater experience in a survival setting. Crash-landing on an alien oceanic planet, you'll progress from basic survival to crafting your own mini-submarine and underwater research base. While it may not involve the same level of strategic warfare as other titles on this list, Subnautica provides a captivating underwater adventure that's both beautiful and challenging.

In conclusion, the world of submarine games on PC offers a diverse range of experiences, from realistic simulations to cooperative multiplayer chaos. Whether you're a seasoned submarine commander or a newbie to the genre, these titles provide a unique blend of action, strategy, and immersion. Dive into the depths of these games and discover the thrill of underwater warfare and exploration.

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