The COOLEST Cars Coming In 2023!! | Chicago Auto Show (2023)


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As we begin 2023, we have quite a few exciting cars coming this year, including several new enthusiast and performance options! We attended this year's Chicago Auto Show to see some of the newest vehicles from a variety of manufacturers. The Chicago show is still the largest in America, and some of the highlights include the upcoming C8 Corvette E-Ray, Silverado EV, Ford Mustang Dark Horse, a couple of hypercars like the Lamborghini Countach in the supercar gallery, the Maserati MC20 and more! Enjoy this vlog highlighting the coolest cars coming in 2023!

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We are at the 2023 Chicago Auto Show and let's go check out some of the coolest cars on display here.

Everything from sports cars to luxury cars, family cars, trucks, we're gonna, go see what the manufacturers have on this play and what we can expect to see this year.

We have manufacturers on both sides of the hall, so we're going to start on this half and just make a big loop around and check out what is available coming this year, we'll start over at Ford with a very bright yellow, Maverick we've got a F-150 Lightning, but right there you see there is the new 7th generation s650 Mustang, but back here there is the Mustang Dark Horse and that's the first one I want to take an up close look at so this car right here is absolutely one of the coolest cars coming this year, the 2024 Mustang Dark, Horse 500 horsepower rear-wheel drive the Pinnacle of Mustang Coyote V8 performance, and the paint is absolutely epic.

Look at that metallic flake and it also has has carbon fiber wheels.

Just did a full walk around video, so make sure you check that out.

I am really excited to drive this at some point, see how it compares to the Mach 1 how Traverse my gt350r.

We also have an eruption green Mustang here.

So that's the comparison between the previous gen and the newest 7th generation Mustang s650.

We have ourselves a Mach e, which I so prefer this type of Mustang, but you can't deny that namaki is quick and it can store a lot of groceries, anyways continuing here's another uh non-dark horse, 5-liter V8, Mustang GT of the new generation, this one's a convertible.

So we can take a quick look at the interior man.

Those red seats are pretty interesting, big screens automatic transmission.

Four definitely has some pretty cool Enthusiast cars right now available.

We've got the Bronco Raptor, the F-150 Raptor.

The Raptor are some new Mustang iterations, so they are definitely still dedicated to making fun Enthusiast Vehicles, along with the trucks and the family vehicles.

Now we are over at Toyota, got manual super right there.

So Toyota also definitely cares about enthusiasts because we have the Supra and then we have the gr Corolla, which everybody seems to be losing their mind over I have not driven one.

Yet they are just now starting to arrive in America.

So at some point I'm sure we get to experience the three cylinders of Fury shift.

Knobs gone I think they have to do that auto show so people don't just unscrew them and steal them.

But here is a Toyota gr Corolla! Oh, that's actually really cool.

It's an old FJ! This is going to be a really weird statement, but I'm actually excited to go check out.

The new Toyota, Prius, I I, know I, know I just said: I'm excited about a Prius, but it looks actually good.

Now the Prius was never a good looking vehicle, it's always hideous.

Now it looks really premium almost sporty it's faster.

Now it does 0-60 at like seven seconds.

So we have a new Prius to take a look at this one is the Prius Prime, so I think it's the plug-in hybrid, which is 220 horsepower, but take a look at that, like that's.

Pretty cool they hit the door handle for the back doors up there in that black trim gives it almost like a coupe like shape and profile to it very aerodynamic, and it just it doesn't look terrible and it's a weird statement for me to say that a Prius is kind of cool all-wheel drive it'll some trim, I think the front wheel drive want to do.

57 MPG I mean 200 horsepower, like that's a Prius okay enough time on the Prius, we're gonna move on uh minivan.

That's not that much better.

We got ourselves a new Sequoia and plenty of experiential stuff.

Here you can go ride and some Tundras do.

The off-road kind of simulation course here.

Pretty cool Toyota has one I think jeep has one over.

There see a sequoia going up, and here is: oh, that's an F-150 Tremor I call it a low calorie Ford Raptor, because it has some of the similar ingredients, but not as ridiculous over the top size, wise and now for Nissan.

One of the highlights is going to be the new Aria, a pure electric crossover from the Japanese brand and the interior is truly impressive.

This center console moves forward and back- and you see these are like cut into the wood, these buttons for your drive mode.

Changing that's pretty cool big digital display screens here, I have not driven the ra yet I definitely want to see what it's like Nissan's.

Actually, no stranger to EVS they've been doing the leaf for a very long time.

That was one of the first ones you could buy, but the Aria definitely has styling going for it.

I think it looks really cool.

This copper, almost rose gold color looks pretty awesome.

The interior is absolutely impressive.

Now I'm, just gonna see if it dries well and if it sells well.

The other big, exciting thing for a Nissan is the Z.

It's not new.

For this year anymore, it's been out, but we've got the new Nissan Z twin turbo, V6, 400, horsepower manual, rear wheel, drive a fun little Enthusiast sports car I did not absolutely fall in love with it, but it's definitely a good option.

The Blue on Blue is cool, though I was almost sold on getting one at the blue interior with the blue exterior, but there's a new Nissan Z, and now we move into the well.

It used to be called FCA.

Now it's delantis the stalantis area, Dodge Jeep Ram, the 300 is still here at an auto show, but it is coming to an end.

The 300 is nearing the end of the line.

We still have trx's coming in all sorts of bright colors, because you know that's a very subtle understated truck and you need a very bright yellow to make it stand out.

I mean it's got a Hellcat V8.

You see that in the corner we'll check that out in a moment here we have a challenger but not a normal Challenger.

It is a wide-bodied Hellcat red eye, but the black ghost it's the end of the charger and Challenger as we know it with the big internal combustion V8 Supercharged V8 this one as the special one makes I think 807 horsepower and they're only building, 300 and here is the future.

This is the Charger Daytona SRT Electric concept, which we've seen at various shows SEMA, it's been in other things out there.

It definitely looks really cool, we'll see what the production car drives and ultimately sounds like cool concept, absolutely the future of electric muscle cars we'll see.

What that's like over here is the big news for Ram their electric prototype, I, guess: concept truck indicating what a future all-electric Ram 1500 would look like.

It definitely looks, futuristic I mean concept, car wheels proportions, it is stretched and it's got some really cool features on the inside I'm on board because it looks pretty badass I think a debuted actually at CES the ram Revolution full all-electric Ram interesting.

This is the Chrysler airflow concept, which really nicely impairs some copper accents with the very metallic black exterior previews.

What a potential future electrified Chrysler would look like they will be going full electric with their range shortly.

Beyond, just the Aria and the new Z Nissan is definitely really been busy refreshing their vehicle lineup.

There is the new Nissan Frontier got a pro 4X, the Pathfinder and a very cool shade of green.

A lot of green cars popping up I like that and then oh, it's snowing over here above the Nissan Aria um I'm, okay, because it's fake snow, it's actually warm in Chicago warm ish for auto, show the e-force all-wheel drive available for the Aria, gives it more power and obviously more traction and it's snowing on it.

That's a cool display, and now we have reached the Subaru exhibit which they essentially recreate like a National Park Forest at an auto show, which is cool.

If it's a Subaru brand, the customers, we have the new WRX which, as far as I, know, there's no STI version of that, which is a little bit sad for enthusiasts.

We have to do Subaru, Crosstrek sitting up here, spinning in a circle, but I think the most important thing at Subaru that most people agree with they're our puppies somewhere.

There are puppies somewhere, Subaru always brings puppies for auto.

Show people to come interact with uh.

There we go.

Dedication is setting up the display.

This is like super immersive rule, always impressive, the tent to go camping, that's the lifestyle super owners go with, but also puppies.

This might be one of the best ways to de-stress when you're an auto show.

There's puppies look at them.

There is a pile of puppies over there I like the puppies.

It's definitely interesting to see how much an automaker goes in on building a display like Subaru.

That is super immersive honestly over the top in such a cool way, and then we look at BMW and it's much more basic they've got some cool cars on display here.

The new i7, which is the electrified version of the BMW 7 Series.

Don't look at the front, we'll come around to the side.

It's big! It's got pretty cool interior features too a lot of screens right a lot of different materials.

After all, it is a flagship 7 Series.

Here electric all-wheel drive competing against something like a Mercedes eqs, maybe a lucid air Model S.

We have an M8 convertible and a really cool shade of green too here's the BMW XM.

We saw a few displayed down at the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona.

Those almost hexagonal shaped tail lights are pretty cool and there's no numbers just the BMW XM.

It's actually like a like a flagship performance: SUV wait, a second I, don't think I've ever seen a BMW center cap like that just says: BMW, like a giant logo, I think those are floating too, where they stay upright.

The front end here looks quite aggressive.

I actually don't mind it much on this vehicle.

Here's a new BMW XM in person Ford also builds this pretty cool experience setup where you can hop in a Bronco ride passenger go up that giant Hill, which has I think a 45 degree angle.

It's like 28 feet tall fuel, some of the suspension articulation over all these obstacles.

It's I think a cool way to integrate more customer experience at the auto show.

So it's not just cars sitting around which that model doesn't seem to be working as well, we're actually getting vehicles.

They're moving! That's nice! A lot of electric EV kind of experiences too.

Here we have crossed to the other Hall where we have Chevrolet.

First, some of the new EVS entering the Chevy lineup.

We have the all-new Blazer EV, which we got to check up up close in California, so there's a whole video talking about the details on the upcoming Blazer EV SS.

We also have the Silverado EV, which should also be coming I'm, not sure if it's this year or next year, but the electric pickup trucks are definitely entering the market based off the otm platform that shared with some of the other GM EVs.

And then we have the Equinox EV another vehicle.

We got to see up close in person, it looks pretty cool the two-tone white and blue.

We have the new Silverado EV, also built off the modular Altium platform.

The mid gate is one of the coolest things where you can open it up and put along kayak, or maybe you need to transport some plywood, so that really helps the functionality and practicality of an electric truck I'm, not sure if this is coming this year or next year, but Silverado EV will be joining the electric pickup truck wars soon and then, oh, yes, the highlights my favorite part.

Obviously it's gonna be the new Corvette, so I have a regular C8 anniversary here.

The 70th anniversary is the 2023 model year and then, of course, we have the c806 I I shouldn't spend too much time talking about this car because there's a ton of content on the channel, because obviously I have one.

This one does have the carbon fiber Wheels the exposed carbon weave, the z07 Aero 5.5 flat, plane, crank, V8, the world's most powerful, naturally aspirated V8 ever 670 horsepower I've got 1200 miles on mine and every single mile I drive it the more I love it.

This car is truly amazing, but right here we have the e-ray.

So we've already had an experience in the e-ray.

It is seriously impressive make sure to check out that full video, complete different feel from the Z06 right, because it's 6.2 liter V8 with electric front motor for a total 655 horsepower.

So nobody freak out the e-rate is not pure Electric.

It is a hybrid, not even a plug-in hybrid, just a hybrid for performance, so it still has a gas V8.

This is a new color too cacti.

It's like this light green gray, color and you'll notice the outboard exhausts.

So this is the all-new.

E-Ray won't spend too much time on it, because I have the full other video where we got a ride along autocross launch control in the Corvette e-ray rolls first electrified and the quickest Corvette ever I have no idea what that guy is doing.

This is the new Colorado which we are going to be driving shortly very soon, we'll get to experience the Colorado we've got the Volkswagen stand here, got a Mark 8 Golf GTI, underneath those silver covers I, believe it's a new Atlas reveal happening later today, we'll try and swing back Buick Buick Buick.

Surprisingly you're.

Looking at something really cool to see, it's that the Wildcat concept, so Buick is definitely trying to reinvent itself and this concept, regardless of who made it looks absolutely insane like it's such a cool design, I kind of miss when automakers used to make these really futuristic forward.

Looking Concepts it just went outside the envelope, try to make something, absolutely crazy.

It seems concept.

Vehicles seem to be more production, intense stuff.

This is a design study you'll note the new Buick badges, which has a more premium look to it, I think that's making its way across the actual production lineup, but take a look inside this thing.

That's the Buick Wildcat, but here's the weird thing: here's the really really weird thing: Buick doesn't make cars anymore.

They make only Crossovers and SUVs, and this obviously is not a crossover or SUV.

So from what I understand, it is simply a design study to indicate the potential future for the Buick brand and they'll apply elements of this Wildcat concept to an actual Road growing crossover, SUV type of thing.

New logos are actually pretty cool.

They split out the little I, don't know what you call them.

Look like little bullet shaped things, the things yeah there's the Wildcat, and here we have a Hummer EV, the first electric Super, Truck and you'll.

Note: it's not white.

All the launch edition the first ever Hummer EVS were white with like the bronze-ish goldish accents, but this one here is fully black spent a week with one down in Florida.

Go check out that video.

It was quite a lot of fun: we've gotten to off-road it watch the freedom is absolutely hysterical.

I mean it's a it's.

A thousand horsepower electric truck that does 60 in three seconds.

It's got the rear wheel, steering for crab walk adjustable height, air suspension uh.

It is quite a cool truck and I think we're going to experience the SUV at some point too, because that's also coming this year, but right now, there's the Hummer EV walking around the show.

Seeing all these new cars, one of the big things that standing out to me is how many of them I've actually gotten the Driving Experience, already even the brand new ones like the Corvette erase.

So that is absolutely a really really cool perspective.

We're gonna go check out some of the Kias now sad moment.

I am pretty sure the Kia Stinger is coming to an end.

I like those quite a lot.

One point: I almost replaced my Audi S4 with a Stinger GT only reason I didn't was I, ended up buying an Audi RS7, which is a different level of vehicle, but these are definitely cool.

We also have an updated Kia Telly ride here, looks like new headlights, really impressive, SUV, like really good at everything.

You need a family SUV to do.

This looks like almost the same blue as my Corvette I.

Don't know how I feel about that and it has Center exhaust like a Porsche GT3.

It's the Kia, Soul uh, hamsters, the Nero, that's a hybrid electric vehicle that gets ridiculous, MPGs I think.

Is it hybrid or is it pure EV yep hybrid? So we have a 1.64 cylinder with hybrid electric motor, the Carnival Carnival, with a roof box.

Do you really need that much cargo space Carnival is actually quite nice.

I had one for a week impressive, moving on to Lexus got a Lexus race, car I'm, pretty sure I saw that at Rolex, 24, Daytona I think it may have one maybe uh there were so many race cars there.

It was awesome.

We've got the newest generation of the Lexus LX, the super luxury Land Cruiser, essentially LX 600 Lexus, still believes in the naturally aspirated V8 5-liter nav8, pretty cool red paint, 472 horsepower F performance, so not a full out.

Isf F performance, I still haven't driven one of these before I need to find some some way to spend some time with the 5 liter V8 and the is-500, the LC 500.

That's another car I like quite a lot.

It looks gorgeous.

This is one of the most beautiful designs on a Luxury, Sport, coupe I, think, but a couple things that I think hold it down.

It's rear wheel drive only so you can't quite compete with like an S-Class coupe or something and the trunk like I, don't know if I can open it right now, but this trunk back here is just hilariously.

Tiny um I can't find a button, but the trunk is very small.

So if you want this as like a GT Grand Touring Car, it's not great, but it sounds amazing.

It looks amazing and it has quite a nice interior to get it as a convertible.

This car right here is important.

It's the new Acura Integra, pretty legendary name, underneath it is a Honda Civic, so you can either have it as a CVT automatic or it is available as a manual and Acura guys here.

So this one's a manual- it's like a Civic SI underneath I- believe there is a Acura Integra, Type S coming, which is essentially a Civic Type R, with 300 plus horsepower I'm sure that will be awesome because everybody I know who's driven the latest Civic Type R really likes it, and then a lot of them gone out and bought them too.

Here is oh man.

This thing is cool the blue on the gold combo.

Looking at my wheel, color choices on some of the cars you know, I will like this quite a lot and then NSX type S NSX here, Type S is the more powerful I think a final iteration run of this thing.

The one thing I keep thinking about after getting out of the e-ray is the e-ray could have been, or this could have been what the e-ray is.

Big more powerful engine electric all-wheel drive it'll be really interesting to see how much nsx's are worth in the future, especially something like this type S a bit more special look at the price though 190k is optioned.

I will keep my ZO6 for that money.

Continuing on there's a plane with no wings, there's a Honda Jet, With, No, Wings, okay, that's an accord that looks like an A7 from behind what you can't tell me.

This does not remind you of an Audi A7 from like here back if you squint a little bit or something that okay.

Well, that looks good.

That's probably good for Honda, some sort of Honda Racing like Baja truck a Talon.

Okay and oh, this is what's been attracting the enthusiasm and attention of all car enthusiasts like a 458.

We've got triple exhaust tips, but now it's a Civic, Type R I think the styling is much better than the previous gen, which was a little over top a lot of angles, a lot of wings, a lot of vents.

This one still has a pretty hefty sized wing.

Civic Type R, with over 300 horsepower and I believe this is the most powerful Factory Honda ever made.

The new Type, R I, think I, think I personally know at least three or four YouTubers who have bought these.

Some of them are driving them in the winter, but there's a Type, R I drove the previous generation, one and I will say for a front-wheel drive hatchback.

It was seriously impressive.

Pretty nice manual transmission, the latest generation Civic Type R 45, Grand, 45 000.

Everything is getting expensive these days, but this at least has the fun factor from what I've heard need to drive one.

The ioniq 5 is one of my favorite designs of anything out there.

It just looks like it came out of a video game.

These Square daytime running lights.

The design of this thing is super impressive, really, nice, interior, too, we've spent a week with Juan.

They really echoed that little like the little square dots all over this thing.

It's a very, very nice crossover EV, it's shared with the Kia ev6, take a look at those tail lights too, but we thought this was ridiculous.

Take a look at that.

That is the ionic six, which is even more just bizarre I.

Think, overall, this looks really good.

This is unique, but I don't know if I love it yet similar kind of little square tail.

Light array and I mean this part, looks kind of like a beetle or like a Porsche, inspired part um.

It's it's busy, pre-production motto: the interior is definitely nice.

A lot of shared elements with the ionic five, the screens like the steering wheel, that type of stuff so that'll, be a good thing.

Pretty cool metallic green paint, but it just looks weird.

You know a car looks weird when it leaves you kind of like speechless I'm like I'm, not really sure what I'm supposed to say about that it just I don't know, looks it's weird.

Alright I believe we have walked through.

All of the major manufacturers highlighted some of the new cars, the cool, exciting cars coming for 2023.

Obviously, some of these are 2024 model.

Your cars already, that's the whole point of these Auto shows they debut these new cars.

There's been some Concepts.

There are still a couple more reveals going on throughout the rest of the media days before the show opens to the public.

But right now we are approaching the Supercar Gallery, where these are some.

Some of them are private owner cars.

Some are dealership cars, but there's some pretty high-end Vehicles, so we've wrapped up the main mainstream majority Vehicles.

Let's take a look at some Exotics and the first thing: you're gonna notice is a Lamborghini Countach finished in Verde retina searing tennis, ball green! That's not the technical name of the color, but it is awesome owned by our friends up at Kearns, Motorcars, so congrats to those guys for getting this thing.

It is ridiculous.

The amount of diamond flake in it is absolutely crazy and obviously this is a homage to the first Countach, the old one and a lot of styling cues Echo that I like it a lot in person.

Spec is ridiculous.

They're all going to be different.

112 of these 2.6, something million bass and obviously, as you option them up, the price will become ridiculous.

This thing is so bright and so epic performance, Wise It's, the 6.5 V12, plus the super capacitors LPI 800, so like a Xeon, 800 plus horsepower see on style tail lights too back here, all the carbon, the crazy diffuser 112 of these in the world.

Well, over two and a half million depending on spec how to make an ultimate look.

Ordinary you get a Countach I'm gonna spend some more time going through this Countach up close it's my first time seeing one in person so we'll do a separate video with that, let's take a lap around, we have an ultimate and a really cool shade of blue the end of the V12 right.

These two are, some of the last of the Lamborghini beat actually wait that one's hybrid, so this one is V12 only no hybridization, a vegetable replacement, we'll have hybridization and I think there was two little one-offs they built for the true final v12s.

We have an earth, a cullinan which I just spend a bunch of time with the colony down in Miami, and they are awesome Phantom, which oh, this is perfect.

Actually we can look at the size.

People don't realize how big a phantom is until they see one either in person or in context with other vehicles.

So we've got a wraith here and a Dawn and a ghost which they're about like seven series size, S-Class size.

The ghost is definitely a bit bigger.

The Phantom is just absolutely enormous, I'm, not exactly sure if I'm gonna be able to capture the size and scale of these things, but it's essentially as big as a cullinan.

Longer they're, just BMS, this one's a I think this one's a black badge, yep black badge, ghost with the hand-painted Coach Lines there, oh man, the wheels on this Phantom are pretty ridiculous.

Too Continental GTC drove one of those out in Cali I, like it quite a lot underneath it is a Panamera family vehicle.

That's the platform sharing, but it's definitely nice and the Crystal headlights are just so cool.

We have a flying spur looks like a refreshed, uh bentega.

We have ourselves a Maserati mc20, which I think looks very very cool, heard.

Good things about driving it too friend of mine has gotten to drive a few of them, and he said his like smart watch told him he was exercising when he was just driving like his heart rate.

Was that elevated due to the exciting nature of the mc20, so I have to find a way to experience.

One carbon tub doors? Go up twin, turbo V6 and there we go.

That's my walk around of the 2023 Chicago Auto Show, highlighting some of the coolest cars coming in 2023.

For me, my personal favorites, the two are going to be the Mustang Dark Horse and the Corvette e-rake I think those are really cool offerings from both of those brands.

For enthusiasts- and actually this is such a weird statement to say the Prius is cool like it looks so good and that's not a statement.

I think I'm allowed to make so I feel bad for doing that, but it's cool right.

So this is the Chicago Auto Show, some of the new cars in 2023 excited to drive and experience.

Many many of these vehicles hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure you check out the full in-depth walk around video with the Mustang Dark Horse, along with all the other videos, I've done with things like the e-ray, the Hummer and so forth.

Hope you guys enjoyed this video thanks for watching.


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Will Cruz Ramirez be in cars on the road? ›

Cruz Ramirez is the deuteragonist of Pixar's 18th full-length animated film Cars 3, and a minor character in Cars on the Road.

What manufacturers are missing from the Chicago Auto Show? ›

Nowadays, when you go to Chicago you'll encounter lots of empty space and countless automakers just don't show up. This year, the list of missing automakers includes Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Genesis, Porsche, Mini, Land Rover, Audi, Lincoln, Jaguar, Mitsubishi, Volvo, and probably a few others that I'm missing.

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