The Great British Sewing Bee 2023 Round-Up! Episode 1! (2023)


The Great British Sewing Bee is back on the BBC with 12 new contestants joining judges Patrick Grant and Esmé Young and host Sara Pascoe for the chance to be crowned 2023’s star sewist. Here at Minerva, we’re so excited about the brand-new series; join Vicki and Natalie as they share their take on each episode - expect giggles, gossip and oodles of gorgeous fabrics!

Throughout this series, the duo will be chatting about the challenges and themes in each episode, the fabulous contestants and all things sewing! As well as sharing their favourite makes from the show, Vicki and Natalie also showcase what they would sew for each challenge. In episode one, the contestants tackle a pattern challenge with a twist, a transformation challenge taking formal to fun and an on-trend made-measure masterclass using cut-out dress patterns.

Click here to watch the episode for week 2!

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Foreign Minerva I'm joined today by Natalie and we're here to talk about all things sewing me so in case you didn't know.

The sewing bee and series for this year started last night.

It's on BBC One at nine o'clock and, of course everyone here at Minerva was included.

Are super excited about it um.

So, in last night's episode we got to meet the 12 brand.

New contestants get to know a little bit about them and, of course, the three challenges that were set.

So did you watch it Natalie of course, oh my God I love the zombie.

So much I've never missed a series.

It's a favorite.

Why do they only put it on once a year? I don't know um, but yeah.

It was so exciting, I think I, don't know if a lot of sewers are the same, but you go through phases where you kind of lose your SoJO.

Yes, you don't really feel like sewing, but Summer's the best time and it's just so inspiring to watch.

12 people make like three things.

An episode yeah like there's gotta, be something in there for everyone, and it came away feeling like really inspired by this episode, so just going to be so fab to try new things to be introduced to like sewing around the world that we've never seen before, and to really get like the personality of each of the sewers, because that's like it's nice to get to know them, yeah everyone, you always get like a little favorite, yeah yeah, so yeah I'm really excited I'm more excited to talk about it as well yeah, but I think before we go anywhere, I need to know exactly what you're wearing right.

Yes, outfits! Thank you.

So this is the Wilder gowns.

It's a Friday pattern company pattern.

So this is like the blouse sort of tunic version.


It's a new pattern to me and I'm also admit I, really like it.

I wasn't sure about this neckline on me, um, but like just when I've.

You know when I've actually got the Garment on I, really like it and the fabric is our Minerva exclusive uh.

It's a business Charlotte, of course, and it's uh the blockchain to print and it shows yeah, yeah I, think it normally pinks and red.

It's about red, maybe but pink, wouldn't necessarily be a color I'd go to, but I think because it's red and pink and it's so well popping yeah I, don't know just something about the print: I really love it and then yeah I'm definitely going to make more I've seen so many gowns in this as well like really, you can do literally anything with the Wilder gown there's like translucent kind of like organza versions that people wear under like a slip, dress yeah, and it ties that you can do a big like dramatic bow if you've got like a fabric, I think for me, I kind of like it open a little bit because I'm not really into wearing very high yeah things generally um.

But that's the great thing about pattern.

Isn't it it gives you you know, and you can just like add it here: I keep adding tears if you wanted, like yeah yeah I, like I kind of think that the next one should I make a dress.

Maybe um, but I do just wear lots of tops for work and I.

Think if I make a top I'll wear it it is.

But since you've got the pattern you could save it for, like a wedding, do and make like a fancier, yeah I think maybe like a satiny kind or a satin type, yeah I've seen it already Okay.

You need an event to go.

Yeah somebody invited me to something like now: um yeah, it's definitely a bestseller, isn't it.

This is the comfiest thing I've ever put on and pockets so need we say anymore, and this is the bubble lights, also a visco Charlie, so super breathable, which is a very cool, yeah, yeah, yeah and again I'm out of my comfort zone, because I, don't normally wear kind of bigger yeah, but it feels so nice you've actually got some kits coming out on this as well, so very, very you're.

Inspired by my Ensemble and you can grab a kit from tomorrow, I think I.

Guess yes, so so yeah yeah fabulous yeah, we'll uh get into it yeah.

So, let's jump into the first uh challenge, then so this was to make a twist top.

Wasn't it.

So what did you think of it? I thought it was such a tricky one to get them started like it really sets the mood for how the whole series is going to be a thing.

Yeah like you know, they want to increase the the difficulty as we go.

They want the best of the best, don't they yeah yeah.

If I was faced with that pattern, I would really struggle and they did have a little moment, didn't they where they had a huddle and they were like how do we put the hole in yeah? That's really cute, there's so many like a lot of challenge time and you know different uh series of of this sort of thing.

You know that nobody helps each other yeah and and on like in the first episode that they've clearly like bonded, really well as well yeah, so yeah I enjoyed it but I was like I would not want to see those pattern.

Instructions I I myself, prefer sew along I, prefer kind of verbal instruction.

Yeah you're not really want to know logical step by step just to follow, as it tells me like.

That's how that's my computer um.

How would you deal with the time, though, um well I have made a Twist top before like a while ago and I think just once, you've got your head around it.

It's actually quite simple yeah.

So for a so long, video would be yeah yeah, but if you've not met it before and you've only got written instructions like and you're under that it's the time pressure, that's the killer, isn't it I think you know all those sewers in, like you know, they're just so in there sewing that at home, they've probably easily make it in that time.

You've got cameras on you.

Oh yeah I, like the choice of fabric as well, because Esme has said um the cotton would do well for the structure of it.

Some people went for like a kind of a visca Shelley and some people went for like a silk kind of yeah, and then it was Matthew that used that glittery nail fabric, wasn't it yeah yeah, which, because that's like a heavier fabric, you know I think I mean they did mention it didn't they like say: oh you've gone for a more usual fabric there, but actually it held share for that twist very nicely.

Didn't it yeah um yeah, so it's I think it.

It wasn't the easiest challenge for like the first week, though I mean in previous Seasons.

You know a series: they've they've, definitely started with easier patterns.

Yeah that haven't been so, like you said it's kind of set in the bar.

Now yes and series: isn't it but I think they all did pretty well, they did okay, a few odd, sleeves yeah, that's just the time pressure and panicking and the little um French seams um I personally have got something to admit: I've, never done a French scene in my life, but we do have a linso video on that with lovely Joe.

So that's really good at talking you through it um, and it's really good for like lighter Fabrics.

If you've got like mesh or something like that, just disguise them, and it's just you know.

Let's say if you did it on like a viscose like this, it was just a lovely Finishing Touch inside and it's they're really not difficult.

So once you've got your head around, the concept of you know: you're, starting like the opposite way to where you normally would um yeah, and it's just you know, you're kind of doubling your work yeah and he does give A really lovely face yeah and it will improve the longevity of your clothes as well as less yes moving of seams and with Fabrics as well.

That uh The Weave is is a bit more vulnerable, so it gives you that kind of like extra thing so yeah yeah.

It is, if you want to invest the time to do with it.

I mean yeah, so you're, just video on that is great, so people want to make their own version of a Twist top.

We've got a few little suggestions, so the one that we think is probably more similar, I think to what they've used um last night on the show.

Um is Butterick.

6893 and I mean this pattern is actually a dresser tattoo, not a top Super America.

But if you look at the sleeveless version yeah and just look at that twist in it, if you made you know, I think this is really easily hackable into a top yeah and if you remove like the skirt or the trousers from you, know, um from the pattern it to me that looks so similar to what they use.

I really love them.

It's got like a small sauce sleeve uh, like a kind of shirt.

It's a little butterfly I, don't know, I was close, I was close, but yet that's the good see with me like I, would be sewing that flutter sleeve yeah.

You know, even though the the sleeve a surgeon is more summertime, but it's got the options.

I think that's also quite difficult to get your head around when you're sewing is.

If you go for a pattern, that's got all the bells and whistles.

You can then take it away yeah.

So that's probably kind of the best way to make your stash of patterns more versatile.

Yeah like this has got a jumpsuit yeah I love the I love the dress version I, like the skirts um shape on it is quite um full, which is like skins yeah but yeah.

It's you know relatively fitted at the waist with that that twist sort of knots yeah, it's really a nice detail, I like a cinch at the waist yeah I do it, and this is good for formal stuff as well as we've seen before you get you get so much more yeah I mean this pattern is for warm fabrics and it's recommended that create rayon, satin Chalet um.

You know so you need like a light, but a light to medium weight, woven fabric with some sort of drape, but you leave loads of choices with that um, but I mean I.

Think for you know if you're going to sell the top the jumpsuit or the dress for my number one choice for that would be.

This goes shallow yeah um.

Would you go for something a little heavier for the jumpsuit I'll? Give it a bit I mean if you're going to make like a fancier version of something you're going to wear.

Maybe in Winter? Yes, maybe, but shallow would be fabulous.

Yes, it would just hang really I like the legs on it, wider they're, wider.

Yes, it would swish really yeah.

So in terms why I think visco Charlotte is you know a perfect fabric for us? This is the same: honestable dress, you're wearing! Isn't it oh so yeah this is our um, so it's 100 viscose! Shall we and you know the weight I mean you can see the trade yeah yeah and the weight of it means like like you're saying for the jumpsuit.

You know it's not too lightweight.

So it's you know it's going to give you enough coverage and but at the same time you can see the drip of it.

Can't you and you know just how that sort of like will twist and how it would wear um yeah, it's just I'm, very I'm, a fan of gold or go home.

Yes, can you know account for the fact that it's either it's either goth day or bold right? So all of these appeal to me yeah just absolutely gorgeous.

You have made a dress in this as well.

Oh just yeah they're, just they're joking, it's funny I mean you can just see the movement in that car yeah and the fact that they're, breathable and yeah with it being viscose they're.

Just you know, I mean both of us are wearing them today.

Aren't we they're just they're so comfortable to wear especially spring and summer, but all year round really yeah yeah we're just this is yeah, so yeah, so we're doing a fun thing where we've decided to choose pattern and fabric that we would do if we were ever on the show yes, and if we could choose a Twist pattern and the fabric, so yes endless Choice.

What would what would be our take so I'll? Let you go first yeah.

So my choice is the Butterick 6899.

It's this top pattern and I was just really inspired by the the color combos yeah.

The color boxes.

Yeah and I also think this pattern.

I mean it's got.

Three views.

I also think it's super hackable as well.

Yeah, it's a good base, yeah into a dress yeah.

They were just you just lent.

Yeah I was sort of thinking it as a sort of strappy Cami.

That would also easy to do so.

You just I think that's one piece rather than inserted sleeves, so you would just you would just change the the top of the actual pattern and remove the sleeves um, but yeah super cute and I'm really obsessed with uh color blocking.

So that's why that stood out to me as well, and it's really big in fashion I, think I.

Don't really think it goes out, but really strong, bold, colors yeah that are the opposite sides of the color wheel, so that means they're complementary.

Yes, so my choice of patterns for for these uh, this beautiful beautiful this is our soft Christmas yeah and it's very lightweight quite tightly woven and you can see again it's a very soft drapey fabric, yeah um, it's actually it's it's a really fantastic Value fabric as well.

Yes, it's a really good price point.

Isn't it comes in like a gazillion, colors yeah? It was very, very hard to choose because you know you could go.

You could go anyway with it.

I thought initially orange like the front of the packaging.

You could do purple and orange, maybe like red and I, don't know like a wine color or something yeah that, like, like all sorts of the same yeah, exactly yeah like just an offset.

So a darker, pink yeah softer one yeah.

So I think this is a light Jade and is it a watermelon yeah? Yes, so yeah? That would be my choice.

You could just see how they would.

Yes, you I think yeah I mean I, love, color blocking as well, but I think on that twist top pattern because both colors are twisting together and that that it just creates like a bit of magic.

Isn't it yeah and yeah I really like that about it, it's fun, and it's also like an easy pattern to get stuck into.

If you don't want something yeah, you know an afternoon, I want a quick sew personally um.

So what have you chosen so my patterns? Why I've gone a little bit? Rogue and I've chose a pattern for a knit fabric, so this is birdless 6911, um and yeah.

I love like it's got quite like a low, relatively low v-neck line, which I really like and then the Twisted writer it's rather being a little bit lower down.

I thought that was really nice and there's a dress option on it as well.

Yes, has that sort of yeah like more than an airline, so it's like a flood skirt, yeah I, just think it's really lovely and then it's got a short or um a longer sleeve option as well uh.

You could probably just leave us as well.

If you wanted to I think so, yeah um, that's the epitome of Summer.

That's like summer holiday, I just feel really cool vacation, yeah, I love, a jersey make yeah, probably more than half the things I make are in a knit fabric.

I I was sew in it and I love wearing it yeah yeah.

So it puts some people off.

Doesn't it some people a bit? I mean it's not that if I did, but some people prefer woven something yeah I mean sometimes you know.

We have customers here at Minerva and you know the people that have sewn all their life yeah and they've never ventured into knits and I always want to like try and give those people a confidence to do yeah, because it's really knots and some knits can be difficult, but yeah, some more of them as well.

Yes, it probably like six seven years or something like I have even I saw, and it's long before that without a novel yeah and it's absolutely fine yeah but I will stop it yeah.

That's how you do a quick, a quick, so yeah yeah we're off real, quick yeah, so yeah I think that's such a good one and then fabric wise um I chose um, it's um exclusive.

This goes Jersey, which is beautiful.

It really is the most beautiful quality of this girl's.

Jersey I've ever felt, and this print is our Boudoir bouquet print and I.

Just I chose this print because it's it's quite small scale and where that twist will happen, I think that it doesn't spoil the print it it just it accentuates it and it just yeah it's all because it's roses.

It's almost like a abstract, floral print, it sort of mimics that as well yeah I, think that would be a really awesome and I.

Don't know in that fabric.

For me, I'd probably want to make the dress version.

I know I'm.

The challenge I'd have to make the top, because then it's her toaster, but just hide them at home.

Yeah I, would want to make the dress in that um I just yeah I'm curious.

What does the viscose bring to the Jersey? The viscose brings the drip right, and it's just that beautiful feel that it has it's really it's it's soft, but it's like got body to it.

Yeah and this um.

It has I, think I, remember at least eight percent elastane, so it has really good recovery as well, which it's just it's all like the signs of a really good quality juice.

Uh yeah, it's gorgeous! Isn't it oh? A fabulous choice so have that sewn up by tomorrow, absolutely yeah.

So those are our choices.


Now your bonus patterns um yeah.

Actually we had another one.

So if you were inspired by my knit pick pattern, so we did find another twist knit um yeah: that's a tongue twister! Isn't it um, so this one is McCall's 7975 and this one's a little bit different, because the twist is further down and let to one side, um yeah.

It makes it more subtle, but it's kind of like a commercial slouchy.

Yeah yeah, like I, mean like the model on the front of the envelope just wearing it with jeans and I.

Think again, you could make it in a viscose jersey or more of a sweat in it yeah.

So it looks great.

It looks like a great pattern for the three views for sort of building.

We've got four views: yeah the building um like part of your capsule wardrobe.

Yes, you could do it in a couple of colors and mix and match it and I.

Do you know if you compare the UA to the UC, so viewers just got a little um short like cap sleeve.

Almost if you see he's got um like a longer sleeve that has like then frill around the bottom.

You know it's only! The change of sleeve yeah, but that is such a different, the two completely but one saying Autumn to me, these kids yeah with a little mini black skirt and some tights and Boots.

That's what yeah, like you know: viscose or a cotton Jersey just perfect for every day in summer, then yeah so yeah I think that's another good option.

Um! You know if you, if you like the idea of something, storing something in knits, something nice and comfy um, it's just yeah another, take on the tret The Twist yeah, so the Second Challenge last night was um The, refashioning Challenge, which honestly, that is always my least favorite of the three you love it.

I love it yeah.

My whole sewing journey is kind of like I'll, do a proper project where I do a proper sew with a pattern and then I'll need a little break to do something.

That's like a transformation right.

Yeah like you know, and I'll just have that idea and I'll just have to do it there and there and so I've made like bags from scratch.

Just with like I've picked up like um, sometimes like kids, clothing from like charity shops and turn them inside a pair of least into a bag which is on my page on minervo, which is really proud of yeah.

But I really like that.

That pressure to to think outside the box I mean maybe not on camera, with the things that they were given.

But it's it's part of me to use that flourish and that creativity yeah to sort of like problem solve, and it is good to reuse things and yeah.

That's the bit I like about it.

So I love the idea of you know being able to go to your scrap basket and be, and you know it's making something out of nothing.

Isn't it I mean that's part of the whole Joy of sewing? Isn't it, however, I mean it is very different from doing like a scrappy coil with your leftovers to make a you know, yeah, you know, yeah I, think I think the bit that it that bugs me, a little bit about this challenge is the expectation from the contestants.

You know to come up with something super.

Like avant-garde or whatever in an hour and a half, yeah I think it's just impossible for them and I know.

I would really struggle with that, like I, think I can be very creative as well as technical um, but I need time for that creativity.

It doesn't come to me instantly.

It is very surprised yeah and it was.

They are all inspiring garments as well, yeah and yeah to use your imagination yeah.

So it was a pencil skirt and a shirt and then like the scrap, um baskets as well, but it I thought the thing was a little bit.

I thought it's a bit unfair when some of them got penalized for it when the they only use like men with a pencil skirt and not the shirt or whatever, vice versa, and they got penalized for that.

Didn't they, but I kind of thought, like you know, just to be able to use the pencil skirt and maybe some scrap yeah that could have made a better garment, maybe yeah generally just with the difference in fabulous yeah I think it was Vicky, I! Think on the shore.

That said, like.

Oh, it's difficult because there's such different weight fabrics and yeah that brings the challenge.

Isn't that, like boiled wall into like a shoulder seam and like the bulk of it, like yeah, you've got to think on your feet with how things are actually going to sit off.

You know: are they gonna press out? Are they gonna sit flat so yeah? They did a great job, yeah and all things created yeah, because you know that camera's in the face, all the time I was making it of an hour and a half and and they've just you know: they've not I've, adopt it with any prep time.

I, don't think I would do a better job, I, don't know so, and the challenge was to bring your personality into it.

Yes, so we felt that Matt did that really well yeah like that was really good, as did me like um, it was really cool to see the Essences of what they do.

Yeah, because that's all you get as well and you in the first challenge.

You've not really had a chance to Showcase what you're all about yeah.

So it was nice that it was to do with their personalities, yeah, yeah and I think it.

It is I think it's interesting to watch the people that, like Matthews I, mean I, didn't think that was fantastic, I loved.

How like one side looked, you know almost like a traditional shirt and yeah.

It was so loud.

Looking was yeah, um and I think just being able to see the people that naturally take to the transformation Challenge and those that maybe don't that aren't very good in other ways, it's just interesting, so the different type of people yeah and and what they naturally are good at, isn't it.

Hopefully it was still fun for them or it just gets you a bit warmed up for what you expect yeah, because you've already seen what they're sewing with next I do think that maybe like each week, that goes by like the more you do, that transformation challenge.

I! Imagine anywhere that the more you would just get into it and yeah almost kind of like let the rules go a little bit and allow yourself to be creative, I.

Think that probably the biggest challenge it is there's more Merit for creativity than there is technicality yeah.

So there's not that big worry that if it's you know got off sleeve the wrong way around.

It could look intentional because when you compare that to the flight challenge, number one technical challenge, you know that's sort, the opposite.

Isn't it I mean the only kind of creativity they can bring to? That is the fabric.

Choice really, is it true, the rest they have to fall? The whole point is to follow the pattern.

Isn't it it's just complete opposite skill.

Sets that they're looking for? Isn't it I love it yeah I should do it in the office yeah with I would really really enjoy that, but no I thought they did a really good job, yeah and I'm excited to see what they bring to it.

So what would you do if you're in that sort of honestly I mean I wanted to think about it? Now, all whilst watching it last night all this morning and I'm still a bit like oh yeah, I, don't honestly I, don't know um, so I thought, maybe I could bring the pencil skirt up but keep the main shape of it either.

Probably the other way up, so the waistband is turned around yeah.

So you turn the pencil skirt around.

If it fits higher yeah, you should do in theory, yeah um, so you've got the bulk of the fabric coming this way and either do a Peplum ruffle off the bottom of the the skirt waistband yeah or off the top.

So like you could use the shirt and create a flounce or a ruffle yeah and bring it around the top.

Do you see where I know it is yeah, so it's kind of like a funny sort of cone shade a little bit of a cone, so yeah yeah, it's just not the same at all, but for some reason it's just reminded me like when I was back at Uni.

A lot of my um work on my degree was like fabric manipulation.

I did like a text hour, not just a random degree.

I was doing it um, but yeah.

A lot of my work was like textile all right fabric, manipulation and I.

Wonder whether my brain would naturally take me to that.

It's almost like recreating a fabric from other fabrics and then creating some sort of yeah yeah I mean whether I could do that at an hour and a half would be a whole different story, but yeah I guess that's, maybe where my brain goes, but I think actually the ones that I enjoy the most on transformation challenges.

Is, you know like say, like a waistband or a you know like a details already on the Garment when you reuse those somehow yeah, my sort of secondary thought was to use the central part of um a shirt and have that going down as an openable skirt.

You know even myself, like the button band like using lots of straps or I.

Don't know like it's I think.

Sometimes it's more successful than others yeah, but I do love it when they give that a goal and reusing those like special bits of a garden.

It would be really cool to take in the fabric, manipulation a bit further as well if they were able to quickly spray or die, or you know, do sort of like time to just like bleach, something or yeah or distress, or you know if they had some jeans and they had to like really distress and cut into them and stuff I.

Just think that would be really cool as well: yeah yeah and it it was definitely different.

I think this series compatible as well with having the um like the scraps option as well like they don't often have that.

Do that yeah, um, so I think it just gives them more options as well.

Doesn't it which maybe is overwhelming at first, but maybe over the next few weeks, we'll see that kind of come into it's all a bit more, maybe, and it encourages us to go and dive into our scraps.

Yeah actually have a go.

Yeah, absolutely yeah, so you'll be making them something.

Yeah next episode, I'll, be you know fully reimagined promises.

Lastly, the final challenge, so this was um to make a passive Ball address with cut out details.

Wasn't it so I actually really enjoyed this challenge? I thought I thought the brief.

Give them like plenty of opportunity for lots of variety, because it's quite it's quite a loose big sort of brief, really isn't it and I love that it was a dress challenge as well: I love making and wearing dresses, so that just appealed to me, um and I think they did really well I do like you said there was so much variety to it: yeah it had interested sewing in all kinds of different fabrics and then obviously cutouts can be placed in so many different places um, and there was definitely some that were more risky, yes from like little side, cutouts to all hold back because yeah, so you probably wouldn't even think of that you just think of that as a backless dress, yeah, the sort of cut out thing is more of like a trending kind of uh term, really yeah yeah.

It's definitely on Trend right now, yeah, but it's been a real like boom in the amount of patterns that they're all with cutouts yeah yeah, so I've, actually um I filmed a video which has gone live this morning, so you can watch that now on Minerva and it's all it's like our top 10 um patterns that have cut out details so my take on it was because, like we were talking about it, weren't we and Natalie is like all for cut out details on patterns like you're planning, one now yeah, yeah and but I'm, definitely more like I'm, not so scared of it, but I just don't want to show Too Much flesh yeah.

Sometimes it feels a bit more like a holiday Vibe like if the Sun is on You sun is on your back.

You know you feel, like you're not going to be going around around Sainsbury's.

Just you know all these cutouts I mean if you want it, I mean yeah.

Once I've made this dress and I'm so proud of it yeah.

So the dress that I've got has a lovely little cut out here.

It's the um, Lydia Naomi confetti pattern, so I'm going to give that a go and a woven pattern.

Yeah and it's got a little cut out here, but I actually have a tattoo here.

So that's the reason why I bought it exactly you know.

So so that's really cool yeah, it's a bit unusual, but it's quite nice and it's um.

It's either got um sleeves or it's strappy patterns.

I'm gonna do a strappy one yeah for summer and it's got a little bow tie almost a Twist and Detail in it as well.

So it's kind of like yeah.

It's like this whole episode of sorry yeah, but um.

It's a it's really good.

That they've done this because you know for someone like you who never thoughts about it.

You're, probably feeling a little bit inspired to maybe give yeah, yeah and I think like putting that video together, especially like with this like I, said top 10 patterns that um I chose, which lots of them like we noticed on the soil yeah they didn't wear.

So if you, if you're interested in what patterns they used, um, there's definitely a good few.

In that video and just um yeah go through that video.

Just you know having somebody, you know, for people that just want to dip the toy in the water right through to people like you that you know really love the trend, and you know more than happy to have a lot of details, but it definitely made me think you know I would venture a little bit further than what maybe I would have done before and and especially like, if I'm going to wear in a holiday.

If that, like doesn't fill me with fear as much yes, um I, like the sun patterns in particular, where I think for me so long as that the tummy bit is covered yeah, like the side bits and the back.

Don't bother me as much yeah that have the sort of drawstring details, so you could kind of yeah.

You could taper it to show you know yeah or almost have the meeting and it'd just be like a fun detail in there yeah, but I do like that.

Yeah and it's it's definitely I.

Think, like all these patterns as well.

You know with with whatever kind of cutout detail: they've got it's like a pattern to get your teeth stuck into a little bit um, because because of those extra details, I think they'd just be really nice to sew as well also I think from a technical point of view, those pattern pieces are going to look different like you.

Won't have come across yeah that sort of shaping before so it's good to get you, you know, yeah, it's a challenge in a in a in a good way: yeah yeah, yeah you'll, see what you mean.

I enjoyed it yeah so like there was so much Variety in what the contestants did and we had.

We had three people making same dress, which is super interesting because they're all the different Fabrics weren't there, yes, so, which were your favorites I love, loved Catherine's, dress, the black side of like um yeah out of the three that were the same.

Also yeah Catherine had done that from the from like a more looks, oh yes, but they all give like a different theme.

Some of them are a bit more like you know like daytime summer.

Probably um the uh, the linen version and I think it was that was impeccably made yeah yeah the fit was lovely I thought it just I mean I love, women anywhere and I.

Just thought for a holiday summary every day, kind of vibe I thought that was gorgeous, but she saw that really well and it had that had like a cottage core Vibe, which is also really trendy yeah.

So anything that's kind of like florals got a romance, feel the Linens and stuff it was just the shaping of it and I thought.

Mia like her take on it I think it was in a cotton.

Wasn't it and she'd done a shorter version, yeah um, which again for like a holiday, Vibe, I, think that is yeah, yeah, um I think yeah in a cotton as well again, it just looked.

You know very fresh and sunny and perfect holiday, yeah yeah, and then the absolute Goosebumps moment for me was Lizzie's dress.

So she said that it was inspired by Dior and it was the one with the face.

It's the black one, yes walked so beautifully.

That was like that yeah.

Oh, my goodness, and the cutout on that wasn't really like.

It wasn't really like the others.

The others are a literal cut out.

That was almost like sculpted pieces that came up to the top, which gave it a bit more of a curve.

Yeah I thought it was beautiful.

Yeah I would wear that now bring it to me.

I need to size up a bit, but you know yeah.

It was just, but that inspired me that kind of like that's what I would like to wear yeah.

You know if there's like a wedding, um I think that's a really nice.

It's formal enough, but quirky enough to give you your own Personality, yeah, absolutely yeah.

If it's okay, to get your midriff yeah with someone's wedding I, don't know what the um I don't know what the rules are, but I mean yeah I know it's a really good challenge and also a special mention to azimo as well, because that red dress was so different, yeah yeah and she was saying how she's obsessed with polka dots I'm, going to see a lot more of that, but it was just.

She was wearing Pockets yeah, but it just it made me think of like she was in Italy like had a movie star yep on a gondola, not caring, sporting, big sunglasses, hat sort of thing and I love that I love.

When clothes take you somewhere yeah, but you can just listen yeah.

You know so and he's planning a trip to Italy I need to make that dress, but no, it's really really good and I'm super excited to see where they go with it.

Each week, yeah I think my favorite uh, probably between two um, so Vicky's I thought was lovely yeah, um I thought the fabric straws was gorgeous.

I think that it was the big puff sleeve yeah.

It just looks great yeah something about the proportions on it.

I just I thought, and it looked really well so yeah well, didn't it um and the other one was Tony W's, yeah, um, so I think he um, so he'd saw in a knit fabric and I think there was something about the way it hung on on the model it just fitted, absolutely and and retrospectively.

That was a clever Choice yeah, because the knit fabric is going to cling to the body, whereas some of the other contestants, you know had to deal with the gaping or you know you know, they've only seen the model that day so you've really got to fit and try and finesse that in just a short amount of time, so having a stretch, knit fabric and those drawstrings made it a bit like I, think, did they get five hours for that challenge for five hours, you've got a camera in your face, you're having to talk your way through what you're doing um.

You know you, you well you're under that time, pretty sure for a start, but also to be fitting it to another model like I.

Do think it's one thing making it for yourself.

When you know you've.

If you've been sewing for years, you used to doing it, but then suddenly getting somebody else's measurements yeah.

It did throw a few people away.


It always throws a people every year.

Doesn't it um so yeah I think they all did a great job, but I do think it was a clever move using yeah, but you know it looked fabulous, really well, didn't it and yeah he's abortion at the end yeah.

It was so nice yeah, it's a great show yeah! Absolutely so if you did the challenge, what would you like right so yeah we've done the same again when we both picked a pattern: we've all picked a fabric and yes, so if we were going to go into this because they can choose whatever they want, yeah, we yeah absolutely yeah.

So if I was gonna do it, this is actually one of the patterns that I showed in the video that went live this morning and I love this one, and so this is a mimiji pattern for Simplicity uh I love Lords of her poems.

Yes, and this is number 9370 and it's a knit pattern so I mean again both of my choices have been knits today, haven't they um and I.

There's two different views on the pattern: one that's more like a straight fitting one which maybe would be more yeah, but I love, um view BRC.

So it's the one with the more flared skirt.

So it's just kind of like skins off your lips, but still fitted at the waist um, and it's got like a funnel neck.

I'd probably choose the short sleeve and then, where the cutout detail comes in is it's got like a cut out sort of like one side, so it's asymmetric and then at the other side you have like a belt.

That's sort of I really attack that and then the belt comes around.

Doesn't it it feels really Innovative.

It's the cut out Trend, but you know, but having that tie over it, it just takes it up a notch.

Yeah I think that's really, and you could do that in a contrast to really show it off.

Yeah I mean it's shown on the envelope.

There's two different versions of Boston in Planes, which I think is lovely very elegant.

I want to play with it.

Yeah hold that now.

If I was making this for a Christmas party, Christmas party- oh yep, I- think a velvet knit- oh, oh it would be amazing.

You don't have to sell velvet yeah um, so yeah, but I'm thinking like summertime.

What I'd make right now and I chose our it's another viscose Jersey I, just love this question yeah, so in it so much- and this is our floral Resort print from the nerve exclusive collection and I just think the the drape on that yeah, which it would just be so beautiful.

The fullest skirt would just swish, really nice everything, yeah I think it would just be a perfect match for that pattern and I like that.

It's it's a dark background with this floral print on so the colors in the florals make it nice and summery in one way, but I think you could wear that.

I agree! That's what I'm about to say! Yeah! It's got that vibe that yeah again with the styling, you could just wear it.

Yeah, yeah and I've.

Actually, I have made a top in that exact fabric already.

Is this a directional print? It is yeah.

It would actually want to be more yes that way, yeah just something for people to note, because I'm always uh, forgetting that whatever Fabrics or it would affect my decision on whether to yeah, you might yeah.

We think about pattern matching, but yeah, it's quite um.

Yeah, like you, certainly wouldn't need any platinum matching on that I.

If I'm in the mood I quite like a bit of pattern, matching every now and then only every night, more often than not I choose stuff that doesn't need pattern, yeah or I'll I'll find a way to like remove a seam in a moment so that it it.

You know it's not distorted something like that, but yeah, but I mean both my prints today, not bad too much yeah nice and easy ones yeah.

So what did you pick, though? My choice is the Vicky sums, um I, suppose it's sort of like the opposite to the one that I'm planning to sell yeah.

So it's got the cutouts at the side, yeah engaged by that that drawstring, so you've got a bit of control over it.

It's just gorgeous yeah I! Think it's I mean it's got quite a long neckline this one yeah so that coupled with um, you know cutouts at the side and all along the back.

It's quite a lot of Flesh on Shore, but it's fabulous.

It's got a good balance to it as well, and it becomes a puff sleeve balances it yeah and it would look completely different depending on what fabric you made it in.

It could be super Luxe.

It could be bridesmaid dress, you know a little risky, but you know yeah, it's a very like on Trend kind of yeah, yeah I mean I kind of I've, seen a satin or a satin, or something yeah for a more dresses or if you wanted something like linen and very relaxed yeah much like Lauren's dress, yeah yeah just be absolutely gorgeous yeah, even if it is soft and gray I.

Think like yes, this goes yeah.

Yes, so I love that and you could do a contrast top to the bottom to break it up.

Yeah or go in Planes would look really nice and a print would definitely change the look again yeah compared to the version of the animal yeah, wouldn't it yeah, and if people haven't seen Vicky so's patterns before there's like a zillion of them, yeah they're super quick, super trendy and a little bit different.

Aren't they because you scan the QR codes in order to get the instructions yeah? So that's just why they do that which I understand a lot of people want a printed buckler, but the reason why they do it is because their instructions are so in-depth.

Yes, they're, like a book, but it's really easy to follow, yeah with their photos and things yeah.

You get all photos of each um set like step on the instructions and I think the the the the like the owner of the company.

She um sort of describes them that, like, if you had a series of picky swords patterns and like the instructions, are so in depth that each one is almost like a mini like sewing lesson, and it's all right, so you can really build up your skills.

If you saw like you know quite a few good times, I agree they're, probably one of the best Brands.

If you are Advanced or about it, intermediate advantage of trying to like tickle your skills, really like they've, just released some sort of wedding-esque patterns yeah.

So you know wedding, dresses and things.

Yeah I mean it's nice yeah.

If you're out there and you're like I, need a challenge and I need to step it up.

They've got some really great stuff, some gorgeous Blazers and with their instructions to accompany uh.

You know you're in the best position, then to get a successful apartment house yeah.

So this one is my level I can achieve this yeah.

This one is super difficult ones and the fabric that I've chosen to go with my Uma dress.

Is this gorgeous um, which I already love? You could sell me that, just for me and um, it's one of our cotton sateens yeah.

Yes, it's 100 cotton! We've only literally just launched this yes yeah um, and it's it's just the most beautiful quality cotton that I've ever felt.

It's beautiful and I sew with a lot of cotton.

Yeah and I was saying to you: I've never really picked up a satin before the difference, just the handling it's luxurious yeah.

It is honestly and it's sort of I've been I've, fallen, foul of choosing a floaty pattern and a poly cotton or something that's too rigid, but this has the dreams yeah.

So if your comfort zone is a woven cotton, but you still want that little like luxurious, dress, yeah, something just extra special and but yet you've still got the benefits of it.

Being 100, cotton really easy to saw um.

My mum's big fan of this spot, yeah I think so many lots of songs love sewing cotton yeah, it's probably where everyone starts.

So it's like your comfort zone, yeah, absolutely yeah, but yeah to get a cotton that has you know it's not see-through like some lawn cotton, something um! So it's not see-through! You don't need to worry about that, but it's got the drip.

Still nice and easy, so beautiful to press I mean it would be yeah absolutely what like a summary: Garden Party, okay, oh my gosh yeah gorgeous! So that's another one you now need today.

Yes, yeah that shall be purchased, so let's do so.

This sample is going to go missing it's quite enough, but you know we'll make it work and extremely short.

Maybe yeah, but um yeah I would love to say that so I'll get my teeth stuck into my other hotel and then yeah.

You know when I'm on the sewing I, don't think, there's a chance that it's happening but I like this um.

So yeah.

That's my choice for that yeah I thought it was just a great challenge: yeah yeah, it's really fun! Wasn't it so that concludes foods are Roundup of episode, one of selling B.

We hope you enjoyed watching and our picks.

If we were on the Zone, be so yeah really excited for episode.

Two um did you agree with the judges, as you can tell, there were no spoilers in this episode.

We didn't go, give any away but we'd love to know.

If you agree with the judges who your favorites leave a comment, let's get buzzing, what your favorite challenge was as well, because I'm interested to see like are you like me? Where are you, you know not a lover of the transformation Channel as much or you're more like Natalie? We absolutely love it um and yeah.

Just what do you think of sort of like the first and the third challenge? We both love them, didn't they and yeah we'd love to kind of hear who your favorites were um yeah like it's, you kind of get your favorites early on.

It would be interesting to see you know.

Does everyone say yes get far often people who reflect your style, yeah kind of thing, yeah, absolutely yeah, so um more of that.

What's coming up in episode, two um yeah, so they give like a little sort of hint.

Um sneak preview, don't be at the end of the episode.

So it looks like rucksack being sawn for the first challenge next week, which I think that's quite soon.

Isn't it you're bringing in something other than dressmaking, um and I? Don't think they've done bad make or something I think I.

Think well, I, remember shoes if everyone remembers shoes, oh yeah yeah, but no that should be really good, yeah, I.

Think so.

I think it's a good technical challenge, but under time restrain it'd be really interesting to see how they do with that uh.

The second one uh the transformation challenge.

It looks like they're working with some pretty like difficult plastic kind of fabric, yeah yeah, so I think that'll be a challenge for them.

I would sure, but we'll see what we make and then the third challenge um that was swimwear.

Wasn't it so yeah I think that's an interesting one, because I think a lot of people are scared of someone you can wear.

But it's not it's really not as difficult as you think, and you know.

Hopefully, we can maybe bring some passing suggestions or Fabrics to kind of maybe help again super open kind of brief.

Isn't it yeah I mean I? Think, like you know, for for women's swimwear, especially anywhere like from my point of view, you know, I, think lots of women are really specific about what kind of swim they want.

I think that's the beauty of sewing because you can make it.

Yes, that leaves you want it um, yeah, exactly so yeah I think I'm.

Quite looking for, what's that, actually I think it's unusual challenges fulfilling too they're bringing in yes what I can promise bold prints? That's what I'll deliver from ice cream? No, it's been fantastic super looking forward to it, yeah yeah, absolutely I, think yeah.

We're so excited already.

Aren't we about and it's all living episode, yeah episode, one I mean I.

Think there's ten episodes in the series.

Isn't this so yeah with a way to go.

Yeah and I.

Just I can't wait to get to know the contestants a bit more see their style come through and yeah just see what challenges they're being given every week.

But yeah do leave us a comment below.

Let us know what you thought to the show.

Like Natalie said.

Did you agree with the judges? You know who was you? What's your favorite? What was your Garment of the week um yeah and who do who do you think is you know, maybe going to be a favorite to win well impressive for people who can get all of it.

Yeah we're doing like a Sweepstake, yeah that'd be quite fun.

Actually, people yeah who they're going to win and yeah.

We can see who uh, who guesses it right: yeah um, so yeah thanks very much for watching and uh me and Natalie will be back again next week and to chat all through episode.

Two can't wait see you then.


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The Great British Sewing Bee season 9 started on BBC One on Wednesday, May 24 at 9 pm. Episodes air weekly in the same time slot. It's a 10-part series running through the spring and summer of 2023 and you can catch up with episodes every week on BBC iPlayer too.

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We're loving seeing the latest batch of amateur sewists battle it out to be crowned winner of the Great British Sewing Bee 2023!

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The Great British Sewing Bee 2023 airs on BBC One on Wednesday 24th May at 8pm. Its ninth season is set to consist of 10 episodes, like previous seasons. The show initially began airing on BBC Two but from season 6 onwards, the competition moved to BBC One.

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Esme has perfect speech and if you can't see her hearing equipment you would have no idea she was deaf. Esme's teacher of the deaf once commented that Esme's strength is also her weakness. Her ability to speak so well and her visual awareness are her strength.

Who left sewing bee week 2 2023? ›

As well as the rucksack, the sewists were asked to turn windbreaks into rainwear for the Transformation Challenge, and create bespoke swimming costumes in the Made to Measure Challenge. Sadly, Gillie's efforts weren't quite enough and she was the second home sewist to be eliminated from the competition.

Where is Brogan from sewing bee? ›

Brogan is originally from Edinburgh but now teaches Spanish and French at a secondary school in Derbyshire. She has just bought her first home in Leicestershire with her fiancé and they share it with Roger the sausage dog who has a handmade wardrobe courtesy of Brogan.

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