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Hi everyone, it's Kate from fortnite I, am back this week to talk.

All things sewing bee um.

If you haven't watched the show, don't watch the video, because there are spoilers in here, come back when you've done it and we can talk about the patterns featured so um.

This week was children's week and a little side note on that I'm filming this very early this morning.

So I'm really sorry if you can hear squawking in the background that is my son wrestling with my dog, which is pretty much their favorite thing to do with each other, and it's almost impossible to stop.

So if you can hear like laughing and shouting, that is that is them so sorry about that um right.

So the first challenge they had to make dinosaur dressing gowns, which I thought was such a fun challenge, I loved it.

So for anyone that didn't see the show um, they inserted sort of triangles all the way up the center vaccine and then over the top of the hood and they put teeth on it and it was just.

It was like a really fun challenge, but also I thought.

Quite tricky because obviously everything's miniature, because you're making it for children um so in terms of patterns I've got um.

There isn't a dinosaur, um dressing, gown pattern, so there's a gap in the market, any Indie, designers, um, but I've got two options.

If you wanted to kind of make it so um I found a really classic.

Actually it was really hard to find one with a hood, so a dressing gown with the hood.

So it's a Simplicity pattern.

It's the one, five, seven, two um! This actually looks like a really nice pattern.

It's got a little like pajama, t-shirt top and shorts and long ones as well and actually I was thinking the T-shirt pattern.

You can just use as t-shirt pattern um and the shorts can be just made to shorts as well.

So it actually is quite if you make children's clothes.

This is quite a versatile pattern.

I think you could get quite a lot of wear out of it, so this one I thought would work really well um.

It's got the little raglan's keys and the and the um Hood.

So that would work perfectly for that.

If you want to go make a dinosaur I, basically just wanted to put this in, because I just thought it was such a funny um outfit, it's another Simplicity one, it's the Simplicity 1765 and it's actually kind of hilarious, there's also a little outfit for your dog um.

Basically, who doesn't want to own this I would actually has anyone ever made this pattern.

I would just love to see it actually made, because some of these costume ones I'm, like does anyone ever actually actually make them I mean, of course they do if anyone's made.

One of these I'd really love to see them so Second Challenge was the um upcycling challenge um, so I'm, just gonna have a sip of my tea and for this challenge they had to upcycle denim jackets, which I thought was really nice, so they had denim jackets, all on little um Rail and then underneath was kind of scraps of fabrics, and they had to do something interesting with the jacket which I thought was actually quite an interesting one, and they actually did really nice things right.

So then they got on to the final challenge, which is um, making an item of occasion wear for children, which I thought was actually a really nice one and I thought it was interesting before they we saw what they were going to do to see what patterns they picked, whether everyone's going to go very traditional little girly um, but actually they did quite interesting things.

So we've done pretty well this week this week felt like quite I'm, not going to say it easy, but compared to the last couple of weeks it was much easier to find stuff.

So first pattern is Tony's um and he actually won gum to the week.

So his was the beautiful white neoprene dress, with a big bow at the front, so um it had a gathered or kind of pleated, skirt and I think the fabric that he used and they said actually was so interesting and it made such a sort of dramatic shape.

I thought it was really clever.

He also used a um really like a scuba zip up the back like really heavy duty plastic, zip up the back, which I thought also made.

Quite interesting, so this is a pattern company I've never heard of before um it popped up on the screen.

So I know this.

One is right: it's called Mingo and Grace, and it's the Blake girls dress.

Obviously everything down below will have um links, so you can go find them if you want to um.

So this does goes from 12 months to 14 years, so she does a really great size range um.

It's it's really cute it'll fit and flare dress um and it's I'm, assuming it is PDF only I think it's American, because it's in dollars so yeah that um was the first one.

I thought it was.

It was a really good pattern.

Next up was Vicky's.

She made this sort of she wanted to make a party dress for her daughter.

It was really cute.

It was like um pink at the base.

It was like a pink little sleeveless um dress with then this beautiful sort of chill tiered number over the top.

There was loads of layers of tool.

It felt quite 80s, 90s I, really I thought it was really cute um.

The pattern we found I'm- not sure this is perfect, but again I'd love to hear your thoughts was the simplicity, um, nine, four, five, four um- and this is actually um.

They do a range of these where they do children's and women's patterns as well.

So if you like the shape, you can make it as well um as making it for a little person.

So there's quite a lot of variations in this, but I think it felt really similar.

It's got the tears of gathering um it's about the same length, but I could be wrong so thoughts on that one.

Next up we had um Mia.

This one we know was correct because again the they actually flashed past um the screen.

Again it was another pattern company that I hadn't heard of which I'm now surprised when I haven't, because we've got to that point now, where I'm surprised we're having so it's little lizard king um and the pattern is Bremen um.

If I'd seen this um I, don't think I would have thought this was the right passive, but I Rachel spotted the name on the screen.

So it is definitely this one, so her address was um based on Christmas and it was used a green and white check which she'd used on the bias on the bodice and then the layers for different color layers.

So he had the check of red and then check again um at the back.

She put this really big bow.


Also read like a really cute little bag to go with it and a little like bow to go in the hair.

I thought was really cute how she'd accessorized it um.

So this one is definitely right again um.

We know this.

One is right.

She, obviously you can see from the picture.

She's modified it.

She hasn't had all the kind of um she's changed.

The Thrills around her and she's changed the back of the bodice on the dress but yeah.

This is the right pattern.

So then we had Lizzy who I thought was really sweet.

She made a and she had an absolute nightmare.

Did anyone else as soon as they saw I saw what she was going to make.

I was like there's no way she's going to get this done.

This is a disaster, so she made a skirt in a waistcoat, and she did this because she was always made to dress up in like party dresses and was like I just hate I hated wearing him, so I make it something that I would have liked to worn.

So it was a little waistcoat with a tiered skirt underneath I mean just a lot of work to do and a proper way to go.

You know fully lined and obviously, when you make it in tiny sizes, also extra hard, so waistcoats I thought that the Simplicity s1506 would work really well for this.

It's a boys one but I mean let's be honest.

It's it's unisex at that age, um so, and also it also comes in a matching adult version as well.

Um I thought that one was pretty close.

It's got the bottoms down the front.

She didn't actually get time to do any of that stuff, but I thought that one would have worked really well and the skirt I thought was the McCool's eight three one six um I could be wrong.

I could be wrong in this one, but this one felt really close: um elasticated top tears of um tears of fabric, and you can sort of change it there's actually an aversion to make it into this into a squat as well, which I thought was quite a nice um added extra.

So those two we thought would work really well.

For that, then we had Lauren's um, which I was like is going to be an absolute nightmare to find, because it's so kind of I just thought it was going to be really hard but anyway.

Luckily it also popped up on the screen.

So we know that this is definitely right.

It's from this same company, Little, Lizard King and it's the Liberty dress, and it's super cute and Lauren had said that she made lots of dresses for her daughter, so it had um little puff sleeves, Peter, Pan collar buttons down the front and then almost like a little um kind of direct, almost done grease style, dress that went over the top and but it actually was all one piece and then it kind of flared out I mean it was super.

Super kind of girly, um and she'd made it in Liberty fabric with white.

On the top I mean it was so cute and beautiful um, but this yeah is definitely the right pattern for this one.

Then we had fove.

She made a little like a jumpsuit in Liberty fabric um.

It was wrap at the front.

The idea was that she wanted you to just to be able to step into it, because it's easier for getting them dressed um.

The pattern that we thought could work was a Simplicity, 8850 I'm, not 100 sure this one is bang on, but it's very close, and actually, if you haven't seen this before it's such a nice pattern, so little jumpsuit, there's a dress variant as well, wrap at the front little bow to tie it, which has had a bow on it um you can make it sleeveless or not sleeveless and there's a little ruffle on the sleeve.

Actually, maybe it is this one.

Maybe it is this one now I'm looking at it? Maybe it is it's pretty close anyway, so that one would work perfectly for that and I just felt really sorry fishing.

An absolute Nightmare and you I sort of was I I, don't know about you guys, but I was like I think this is.

This is the end for her, so I felt really sad that she was going because I really like her and she's really funny as well.

So last but not least, is asthma who every week likes to Fox us because she picks patterns that are really hard to find.

So her dress was a really sweet like little kind of princessy dress.

The key detail at the front was that it had that sort of um crisscross detail with ribbon.

That almost looks like a kind of corset um like the detail from a woman's corset, and then it had it kind of had a handkerchief, hem and I was like she's.

Definitely use either use two patterns or made it up herself, but I did find a pattern that had that detail at the front.

So the new look, 6278 I thought would have worked really well as a kind of I definitely know that isn't perfect, but I think that would be a really good starting point.

So that is it this week, um I feel like we're moving towards the end, like not the end, but like it's getting smaller.

There are less people, obviously, because everyone goes each week um, but yeah I'm, I'm, sort of excited to see next week's, which is 90s, which I am pumped about um, so cargo pants I'm in for it anyway.

Um have a lovely week and I'll see you next week for the next one bye.

Thank you.


Can you download sewing bee patterns? ›

All you have to do is click on the name of the project you want to make and follow the prompts to download that particular pattern template. The pieces that you need are always listed in the Cutting Guide instructions supplied at the beginning of each project within the book.

Who won series 6 of The Great British Sewing Bee? ›

Clare Bradley

What happens to the garments made in The Great British Sewing Bee? ›

So what about all the off-cuts and bits of fabrics that the sewers use? Thankfully all these scraps are taken care of. Sara said: "Everything that was wasted, they sent to refugees who needed to make clothes. And the clothes that the people design - they get to keep everything, it all gets sent to them."

When was series 6 of The Great British Sewing Bee filmed? ›

In 2020, the sixth series was shot at a studio based in Bermondsey - which is historically considered the home of London's textiles.

How do I print a downloaded sewing pattern? ›

Printing a PDF pattern at home is pretty much like printing any document. Open the PDF, making sure you are opening the correct one if your purchase came with multiple files. After you choose File>Print and your print dialogue box opens, set the print scale at 100%. Do not check “Scale to Fit”.

Is it illegal to copy sewing patterns? ›

Sewing patterns are copyright protected under US Copyright Law. This means that you may not make copies of the pattern or sell it, regardless of whether you have the original copyright registration. It is also illegal to share a copy of the sewing pattern with someone else without their written permission.

Has a man ever won the sewing bee? ›

In March 2015 Matt became the first male winner of the Great British Sewing Bee. On the back of his exposure on the Great British Sewing Bee Matt, alongside his wife Gemma and kids Max and Evie, has launched a creative lifestyle blog featuring stitching & making ideas for the whole family.

Is Sarah pregnant in Great British Sewing Bee? ›

Great British Sewing Bee presenter Sara Pascoe has confirmed she's pregnant, sharing a cute bump picture to Instagram. The comedian, writer and actress shared a selfie of herself and husband Steen Raskopoulus in the bathroom mirror, with Steen holding a can of beer as a handy prop for Sara's caption.

Do sewing bee contestants get paid? ›

Are contestants paid to take part in The Great British Sewing Bee? The sewers are not paid to show their talents with a needle and thread. The same rule is applied for contestants of The Great British Bake Off.

Where does brogan on Sewing Bee come from? ›

Brogan is 26 and a secondary school teacher from Edinburgh, although she currently lives in Leicestershire with her fiance and sausage dog, Roger. She started sewing after watching the first series of Sewing Bee as a teenager and enjoys replicating high street garments, often throwing in a tier, ruffle or frill.

Does Esme make her own clothes? ›

I also loved making my niece's wedding dress." After sharing that her favourite garment to make herself is a petticoat, Esme added: "I make about 50% of my own clothes and then I also buy vintage, and go to charity shops. I would never buy anything online because you can't feel the cloth."

Will there be a Sewing Bee in 2023? ›

The Great British Sewing Bee 2023 airs on BBC One on Wednesday 24th May at 8pm. Its ninth season is set to consist of 10 episodes, like previous seasons. The show initially began airing on BBC Two but from season 6 onwards, the competition moved to BBC One.

Has Esme had a stroke? ›

Sadly Esmé had a stroke whilst waiting to start her strength and balance exercise programme, and was admitted to EDGH for a short period before returning home.

Does Esme have a speech impediment? ›

Esme has perfect speech and if you can't see her hearing equipment you would have no idea she was deaf. Esme's teacher of the deaf once commented that Esme's strength is also her weakness. Her ability to speak so well and her visual awareness are her strength.

Where is sewing bee 2023 filmed? ›

The Great British Sewing Bee 2023 was filmed at Sunny Bank Mills, a historic wool mill in Leeds, which has become the show's home since it relocated in season 8.

What is the difference between A4 and A0 pattern? ›

So what exactly are copyshop and A0 pattern files? Unlike an A4 or 8.5″x11″ sheet of paper, copyshop and A0 sheets can accommodate the full size of an individual pattern piece (like a pant leg, for example)—eliminating the need to cut and tape multiple pieces of paper together.

How do I copy a pattern without cutting it? ›

An alternative to the pencil and paper method is to use carbon paper and a tracing wheel. Place the carbon paper between the pattern piece and your blank paper; once you have the hang of it then this can be a lot faster than tracing with a pencil. Some people even transfer the pattern directly onto their fabric!

What is the best paper for pattern printing? ›

In most sewing studios, you'll see patterns cut from manila pattern paper, also called oak tag or tagboard. Pros: This paper is very sturdy and can withstand small nicks from your rotary cutter. It's ideal for slopers because you will use them to trace all of your other designs.

Can you use old clothes as a sewing pattern? ›

There are a few different methods for making your pattern. A simple knit top can be copied by tracing directly on wax paper. The “pin-through” technique works well for duplicating garments with multiple elements, such as a jacket or blouse. With jeans, I find that tracing the various pieces on silk organza works well.

Can you sell items made from someone else's pattern? ›

If a crochet pattern is copyrighted, then any restriction with regards to redistribution only applies to the pattern itself. This means that it is illegal to sell and share the pattern online, but has no bearing on any finished products that are made with the pattern.

Do people buy old sewing patterns? ›

People will pay a specific amount of money for your vintage sewing patterns, just like any other vintage item you'll find nowadays. Typically, if you buy from places like private pattern dealers, many patterns from the 1950s and on will retail for roughly $10 to $15. Patterns prior to the 1950s may even rise in value.

Why is it called Sewing Bee? ›

Bee is derived from the Old English bēn meaning “a prayer, a favor.” By the late eighteenth century, bee had become commonly associated with the British dialect form, been or bean, referring to the joining of neighbors to work on a single activity to help a neighbor in need: sewing bee, quilting bee, etc.

Was Annie pregnant on Sewing Bee? ›

I would like to thank my partner Dan because I was pregnant while filming and he dealt with my emotional ups and down so well. My mum is a massive Sewing Bee fan and she made me apply, if it wasn't for her I wouldn't have got on. What was it like sharing the experience of winning with the other Bees?

What happened to Jade from Sewing Bee? ›

Still the youngest ever GBSB contestant Jade went on to be a finalist. She currently has her own column in Love Sewing Magazine and is working to develop her own line of patterns. Jade is also regularly involved with the Knitting and Stitching Show and The Great British Sewing Bee Live.

Is Brogan from Great British Sewing Bee pregnant? ›

The Great British Sewing Bee star Brogan Sommerville has announced that she is expecting her first child with her fiancée - and fans are delighted for her.

Why did Mary Martin leave sewing bee? ›

Unfortunately, no official reason has to why Martin left the series was not given. However, speaking to Sew Magazine, Martin joked that she would not miss the tiring days of filming and many weeks spent living in a hotel. She also said she will not miss the disruption filming had on her life and teaching schedule.

Why did Claudia leave sewing bee? ›

I wish the whole fantastic team so much luck.” However, the former journalist and television presenter has been busy with other commitments over the past few years. Not only does Claudia present Strictly Come Dancing every year with fellow host Tess Daly, but she also has a lot of other projects.

Do the models on sewing bee keep the clothes? ›

'Everything that was wasted, they sent to refugees who needed to make clothes and the clothes that the people design they get to keep everything gets sent to them. 'There's no like, skip out at the back with all nice trousers you can go through. Everyone's got to keep things.

What happened to Ann who won the first sewing bee? ›

Now well into her 80s hopefully Ann is still enjoying sewing. Tilly has been one of the big success stories from the show. Several years after her appearance she now has her own sewing studio in London where she runs regular workshops, a successful range of sewing patterns plus she has written two sewing books.

What did Esme from sewing bee do? ›

Esme is a fashion designer and television presenter, who joined the reality programme in 2016. In the 1970s, Esme, along with fellow fashion designers Judy Dewsbury, Melanie Herberfield, and Willie Walters, founded a shop in Camden Town called Swanky Modes.

What accent is Brogan Sewing Bee? ›

Brogan is a Spanish and French teacher at a school in Derbyshire, and still holds onto her Scottish accent and dialect in the show.

What does Brogan from the Sewing Bee do for a living? ›

Brogan Sommerville, who works as a language teacher at a school in South Derbyshire, appears as one of twelve amateur sewers in the latest series of the show. Brogan says that her sewing journey began when she watched the first series of the Great British Sewing Bee when she was a teenager.

Has Brogan had her baby yet? ›

Bernard Brogan and his wife Keira are now the parents of three. The couple has welcomed a beautiful baby girl to the family. The Dublin GAA legend and his love already have two-year-old twin boys, Donagh and Keadan.

Does Esme have a kid? ›

Esme's adoptive son: Jasper Hale.

What ever happened to Esme? ›

Esme ended up living at Wyndemere with Spencer although Ava wanted Esme out. On April 13, Esme told Nikolas that her parents were dead and her adoptive parents suddenly died. She was taken care of by her nanny Maggie Fitzgerald until she went to boarding school and never heard from Maggie again.

Who left sewing bee week 2 2023? ›

As well as the rucksack, the sewists were asked to turn windbreaks into rainwear for the Transformation Challenge, and create bespoke swimming costumes in the Made to Measure Challenge. Sadly, Gillie's efforts weren't quite enough and she was the second home sewist to be eliminated from the competition.

What happened to Lorna monje? ›

Series 3 finalist, Lorna Monje has sadly passed away after a lengthy battle with Aplastic Anaemia.

What sewing machines are used on sewing bee 2023? ›

We've done some sleuthing and this year the contestants appear to be using the Janome AT2000D Professional Air Thread Overlocker. This overlocker has a handy jet air threading system with an upper and lower looper. This machine is sturdy, lightweight and excellent value for money.

Is Heather Esme's mother? ›

Heather reemerges in October 2022. That December, it's revealed that Heather is the biological mother of Esme Prince, whom she put as a newborn baby up for adoption after her relationship with Ryan Chamberlain ended. Years later, Esme found Ryan through his keepsakes, which Heather stole.

Whose baby is Esme? ›

This prompted Carolyn to head straight to GH to have a talk with Elizabeth about her old high school friend. Back at Spring Ridge, Nikolas decided to stun Esme by telling her that he was her baby's father and not Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez).

Does Esme have an illness? ›

After an eight year battle with her psychiatrist, Esmé was later diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. According to charity Rethink Mental Health, around 1 in 200 people develop the condition.

Does Esme have a brother? ›

On December 9, it is revealed that her biological mother is Heather Webber and revealed that Esme has two maternal half-brothers, Steve Webber and the late Franco Baldwin.

How old is Esme? ›

Will Esme come back? ›

She's Back!

It was only a matter of time before Esme swam herself back to Port Charles, and it was very convenient she re-appeared the same week that Diane revealed that the hook killer is a woman.

Who won the sewing bee 2023? ›

The WINNER of the 9th Annual PatternReview Sewing Bee!

Each and every one of them has had multiple "Make it work" moments given the time constraint. Congratulations Cupid Dog(Jennifer), you are the winner of the 2023 Sewing Bee.

Is the sewing bee filmed in one day? ›

How long does it take to film The Great British Sewing Bee? Contestants are asked to commit to 20 days of filming for the show - which takes place over a 6-8 week period.

Is Patrick from sewing bee married? ›

Patrick Grant is not married and he currently appears to be single. While the 51-year-old prefers to keep his love life out of the spotlight, he was previously pictured with his ex-girlfriend and fellow designer, Katie Hillier.

Can you download patterns from Ribblr? ›

You can access patterns you own on all your devices using the free Ribblr app - your progress is automatically saved and synced! If you need a printable copy of a pattern, you can reach out to the designer and ask for one.

How do I download a knitting pattern from Etsy? ›

Sign in to and go to Your account. Go to Purchases and reviews. Next to the order, select Download Files. This goes to the Downloads page for all the files attached to your order.

Are sewing patterns reusable? ›

Preserving your favorite sewing pattern or one you know you will want to use again should be a priority. A favorite sewing pattern should be preserved so you can use it over and over again without it becoming distorted or ripped.

How to download free patterns from Ravelry? ›

If it is a Ravelry download, you will see either “buy it now” and “add to cart” or a “free” link in the upper right of the page. If not, you can look under “published in” to find information about the book, magazine, website or other … … book or magazine, you will see this when you click “add to library”.

What is the replacement for Ravelry? ›

Pattern Sales Platforms
  • LoveCrafts is an easy option for many designers, as you can upload patterns directly or import from Ravelry. ...
  • Etsy seems to be a love-it or hate-it platform for designers. ...
  • KnitPicks/WeCrochet is another yarn and pattern destination site unique to the KnitPicks yarn brand.
Nov 1, 2021

Does Ravelry have sewing patterns? ›

Ravelry: Sewing, Knitting, and Beyond - patterns.

Why use freezer paper for sewing? ›

Inexpensive and found at many grocery stores, freezer paper is waxy on one side and can be ironed to fabric many times without losing this quality. It does not stick permanently to fabric and is durable, making it an excellent medium for copying sewing patterns.

What is the best paper for copying patterns? ›

Kraft paper comes on rolls and is much more substantial than tracing paper, so it works better for pattern adjustments. If you don't like the feel of tissue paper, this is a better option. Pros: It's sturdy and can be pinned without tearing.

Is there an app to create sewing patterns? ›

Say 'Goodbye' to Paper Patterns

Never worry about folding, storing, or ripping your pattern pieces again! With MakeristAR you can easily transfer sewing pattern pieces directly from your smartphone to fabric using Augmented Reality!

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