Top 10 Jeep Cars in 2022 - AutoBizz (2023)

DeSantis, the newly formed auto behemoth, is pouring money into the development of truly good cars that can rightfully occupy top positions in their respective classes, with Jeep emerging as the largest benefit of the recent merger with PSA. The following is a list of the Top 10 Jeep Cars for 2022.

Top 10 Jeep Cars in 2022Pricing (US Dollars)
1. 2022 Jeep Compass$43,685
2. 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L$38,890
3. 2022 Jeep Wrangler 4xe$57,825
4. 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer$87,995
5. 2022 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392$77,095
6. 2022 Jeep Commander$37,140
7. 2022 Jeep Wagoneer$59,995
8. 2022 Jeep Magneto$56,220
9. 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe$59,495
10. 2022 Jeep Renegade$25,120

1. 2022 Jeep Compass

Top 10 Jeep Cars in 2022 - AutoBizz (2)

After successful launches in China and Europe, the redesigned low-cost compass is now available in the United States. In the United States, the 60 euro upgrades are most evident up front, with a redesigned grille with seven slats and new LED headlights. The plug-in hybrid variant with all-wheel drive and an 11-kilowatt-hour battery is still on the table, but the only confirmed engine is the old 2.4-liter four-cylinder with 180 horsepower.

updated infotainment screens with the new Uconnect 5 system, and wireless phone charging pad The design is simple yet sophisticated. Fabric or leather upholstery is available, and the rear seats can be heated and contain USB outlets.

2. 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L

Top 10 Jeep Cars in 2022 - AutoBizz (3)

The best-selling Jeep, now in its fifth generation, adds a seven-inch-long third row. The Grand Cherokee l has independent front and rear suspensions, as well as the choice of one of three all-wheel-drive systems and, for an additional price, an air suspension.

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The tried-and-true engines from earlier generations are retained, as is the traditional seven-slot grille with narrow led sidelights. In addition to the extra space of the camp, the 3.6-liter Pentastar v6 produces 283 horsepower, while the 5.7-liter v8 produces 357. The modernised Uconnect 5 infotainment system features an 8.4 or 10.1-inch touchscreen and a standard 10.3-inch digital gauge cluster. Higher trumps can offer a head-up display.

3. 2022 Jeep Wrangler 4xe

Top 10 Jeep Cars in 2022 - AutoBizz (4)

Wrangler 4xe 2022, Jeep Wrangler 4xe 2022, Jeep Wrangler 4xe 2022, Jeep Wrangler 4xe 2022, Jeep Wrangler The Jeep Wrangler is a wonderfully crafted enterprise vehicle that marries vintage body and frame construction, solid axles, iconic appearance, and a selectable drop-top configuration in the coming era of lower emissions. To compete with the previously released torque mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid model, the letters claim to be the most technical jeep to date, combining a two-liter turbo engine with two electric motors and a 17-kilowatt-hour battery pack.

The system generates 375 horsepower, 470 pound-feet of torque, and 21 miles of all-electric range, with a fuel economy of 49 mpg and a total range of 370 miles.

4. 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Top 10 Jeep Cars in 2022 - AutoBizz (5)

The Grand Wagoneer was the first elegant American family SUV when it arrived in 1963, and it’s now back to revolutionising the class it founded. The imposing aspect of Jeep’s flagship automobile is enhanced by superior led lighting, a glossy blacktop, and either 20 or 22-inch metal wheels. The all-new Quadro drive 2 444 system combines true v8 power from a 470-hp 6.4-liter engine with cylinder deactivation and an eight-speed transmission to deliver true v8 performance.

The grand wagoneer’s train capabilities have been expanded to include an active 2-speed transfer case with select speed control 4 and select terrain traction management system, as well as all of the grand wagoneer’s train capabilities.

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5. 2022 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392

Top 10 Jeep Cars in 2022 - AutoBizz (6)

Despite the lack of the much-desired supercharged tail kit engine, the 2017 Rubicon 392 is unquestionably Jeep’s apex. The 6.4-liter Hemi v8 engine in the vehicle produces 470 horsepower and 470 pounds-feet of torque, resulting in a 4.5-second 0-60 time and a 13-second quarter-mile time. To match the new drivetrain, the wrangler has been reinforced and new heavy-duty brakes have been added.

It also has a 2-inch raise package, Fox shocks, Dana 44 axles, and front and rear electronic lock differentials. The cabin has leather trunk seats with unique stitching, 8.4-inch Uconnect 4c touchscreen, and an Alpine luxury audio system to match the SUV’s flagship rank.

6. 2022 Jeep Commander

Top 10 Jeep Cars in 2022 - AutoBizz (7)

The company was shut down in 2010. The Commander brand is being revived as a seven-seat SUV that will be offered exclusively in Latin America. It is based on the original mid-size model and resembles the recently revised compass in appearance. With a distinctive 7-slot grille and bright LED headlamps, the front end is boxy.

The commander, on the other hand, is equipped with a full-length light bar that spans the vehicle’s width. There are now two mechanical options: two-zone climate control and a 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster. a 2.0-liter tubular diesel engine with 200 horsepower and a new 1.3-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with 185 horsepower

7. 2022 Jeep Wagoneer

Top 10 Jeep Cars in 2022 - AutoBizz (8)
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This is a scaled-down version of Jeep’s new flagship SUV, which is also making a comeback after a 25-year absence. Although all of the model’s posture sampling features are available as optional upgrades, the model comes with a little reduced package and a more modest engine. The iconic v8 power of the wagoneer is given by a 5.7-liter mil with e-torque 392 horsepower and 404 pound-feet of torque.

Low-end torque and improved off-road performance are provided by the best-in-class ten-thousand-pound tonnage combined with the 48-volt miles hybrid system. With three 4×4 systems and terrain traction management options, the vehicle is ready for rough terrain.

8. 2022 Jeep Magneto

Top 10 Jeep Cars in 2022 - AutoBizz (9)

For now, we’ll have to make do with this wrangler-based concept vehicle until the first production all-electric Jeep arrives in early 2023. It keeps the stock body and frame but adds a 2-inch lift kit, 17-inch wheels, and 35-inch mod tyres, turning it into an ic retrofit.

The magneto replaces the stock 3.6 litre V6 with a low-speed electric motor that has virtually identical specifications. It produces 285 horsepower and 273 pound feet of torque at a top speed of 6000 rpm. The motor is still connected to a pedal-operated 6-speed manual gearbox and a 70-kilowatt-hour battery separated into four packs and housed in the former gasoline tank area, cargo compartment, and under the hood.

9. 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe

Top 10 Jeep Cars in 2022 - AutoBizz (10)

By 2025, every low-cost SUV should be called a 4xe, and the mid-size vehicle will have the plug-in option this year. The vehicle will get identical aesthetic modifications as the Grand Cherokee l, but with the five zero layouts, it will most likely have the same PHV powertrain as the Jeep Wrangler 4xz, which means the 375 horsepower arrangement will be driven by a pretty huge 17.3 kilowatt electric motor.

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10. 2022 Jeep Renegade

Top 10 Jeep Cars in 2022 - AutoBizz (11)

Jeep’s Renegade is a small compact SUV that will be available in India in late 2017. The new small SUV will be available with both petrol and diesel engines when it debuts, with a starting price of $26,455. Because of its history and appearance.

The square tail lamps, which mimic the gasoline jerry cans found on older World War II jeeps, continue the retro look towards the back.

In India, the Renegade will be offered with a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine and a 1.6-liter or 2.0-liter multijet engine. The 1.6-liter engine is the same as the one used in Maruti Suzuki’s S-Cross. Both manual and automatic transmissions will be available on the new Renegade.

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What is best in the line of Jeep? ›

Best Jeep Trucks & SUVs
  • 2023 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Compare Model. Positives. Spacious, luxurious interior. ...
  • 2023 Jeep Wagoneer. Compare Model. Positives. Impressive off-road capability. ...
  • 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Compare Model. Positives. ...
  • 2023 Jeep Gladiator. Compare Model. Positives. ...
  • 2024 Jeep Wrangler. Compare Model. Positives.

What is the number one selling Jeep? ›

The 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee Is The Most Sold Vehicle In Jeep Lineup: FCA Sales Numbers Released.

Which is the best low budget Jeep? ›

Q: Which is the cheapest Jeep car in India? The cheapest Jeep car in India is Compass, priced at Rs. 21.73 Lakh.

Which Jeep has the smoothest ride? ›

The Jeep Wrangler Sport has the smoothest ride quality on the road. Customers interested in a compact SUV with off-road capability can invest in the Jeep Wrangler Sport. While it has everything you need to drive off the road, it is comfortable on the road during their daily commutes.

What is Jeep's best seller? ›

The #1 best-selling Jeep has been the Grand Cherokee for quite some time now with 254,445 units sold in 2021.

What state are the most jeeps sold? ›

Jeeps are so popular in unexpected places. The states with the most JK, JKU, JL and JLU Wranglers are New York, followed by Texas, California, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Why are jeeps so popular now? ›

Rugged and Reliable – The Jeep Wrangler is well known for its reliability, especially when off-roading. It's built with a strong frame and solid suspension, making it one of the most reliable 4×4 vehicles on the market. 2. Easily Customizable – The customizability of the Jeep Wrangler is what makes it so special.

What are the levels of Jeep models? ›

Take a Jeep Wrangler, for example, which comes in Sport, Sahara, Rubicon, and High Altitude trims. Each caters to different expectations and driving experiences. The Sport trim focuses on essential features and affordability, while the Sahara offers added comfort and style.

Are Jeeps affordable to maintain? ›

Although Jeeps aren't the cheapest to maintain, they aren't above average when it comes to cost. You can expect to pay right around the national average for this vehicle on the market. According to, it will take about $634 a year to keep your Jeep in the best shape.

What is the smallest new Jeep? ›

The 2022 Jeep Renegade is the smallest and lowest-cost Jeep SUV, with qualities and features rarely found in other compact SUVs. For 2022 the Renegade lineup gets cut to four models, three of them with all-wheel drive.

Which Jeep lasts the longest? ›

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Moreover, the Grand Cherokee consistently scores higher on the reliability scale. The Grand Cherokee was built with durability and longevity in mind. Earlier Grand Cherokees have lasted more than 200,000 miles and up to 20 years in service.

Which Jeep engine is most reliable? ›

The Most Reliable Jeep Engines in 2023
  • The OG – Willys Go-Devil. The Willys Go-Devil is the first engine on our list. ...
  • The Biggest Boy – The AMC/Jeep 401 V8. ...
  • The Long Runner – AMC Powertech 4.0L. ...
  • The Current Order – Chrysler Pentastar 3.6 V6. ...
  • The Turbodiesel You Want – VM Motori 3.0 V6.
Mar 3, 2023

What is the biggest problem with Jeeps? ›

Among Jeep's most commonly reported problems are transmission issues, engine stalling, and the infamous “death wobble” that can happen to steering wheels at high speeds or on rough terrain.

Does Jeep have a luxury line? ›

Premium and Large SUVs

Grand Wagoneer unites artful craftsmanship and engineering. Experience awe-inspiring levels of comfort, technology and safety and security.

What is the most top of the line Jeep Wrangler? ›

Overall, Edmunds recommends the Wrangler Rubicon. It is the most capable version when the going gets really tough, and it comes with every available engine and transmission. 2022 Jeep Wrangler.

What Jeep model is most reliable? ›

Ranking The Most Reliable Jeep Models Ever Built
  1. 1 1976-1986: Jeep CJ7 – 4.7/5.0.
  2. 2 2015-2021: Jeep Renegade BU – 4.5/5.0. ...
  3. 3 2017-2021: Jeep Compass MK – 4.3/5.0. ...
  4. 4 2018: Jeep Wrangler JL – 3.8/5.0. ...
  5. 5 2005-2010: Jeep Grand Cherokee WK – 4.2/5.0. ...
  6. 6 2014-2019: Jeep Cherokee KL – 4.3/5.0. ...
  7. 7 2007-2018: Jeep Wrangler JK – 4.3/5.0. ...
Apr 30, 2023


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