Unexpected! - Plentiful 1967 Canada Quarter Sold For $4,500! - What's The Catch?? (2023)


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(Video) Unexpected! - Plentiful 1967 Canada Quarter Sold For $4,500! - What's The Catch??


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You hey everyone, welcome back to Blue Ridge silver town, and we got a good one here for you today that I want to talk about I'm really actually really excited about, because I used to be in the Canadian coin.

So much so it's great to see a sale of this caliber come up through eBay.

Alright, now granted it's not like one of the higher priced Canadian coins that you can find out there, but this one is definitely worth mentioning for a number of reasons.

Now, some of you, some of you, astute collectors up north of the border, okay, are very familiar with the Bobcat reverse 1967 quarters all right for some of us here in the lower 48.

All right, we've seen these coins quite a bit.

All right, you know, they're available in coin.

Shops are available to traditionally in bulk type status.

You know like junk silver or even nicer.

Quality collector grade type stuff, I mean we see these all over the place alright, and to kind of give you a little bit of a little bit of kind of backstory on this particular coin, because it looks like none of the other designs where you had the reindeer reverse: okay, that wore what were normally used to seeing on these all right.

This one has a bobcat, so in 1967 the Royal Canadian Mint decided to do a hundred years, Centennial kind of anniversary on this coin.

All right, it's a confederation, Centennial coinage program- is what they called it.

So they redesigned the reverse for the penny, the nickel dime the quarter and the half-dollar all right.

So all of them have a different animal of some sort on the reverse.

Okay, on this particular coin, it's the Bobcat now at the same Junction in 1967, the price of silver skyrocketed.

Alright, because up to this point, the world Canadian Mint has produced quarters in 80 percent silver composition.

Alright, so you know the silver was available all the way up to this point, and because of the right rising prices of silver.

As a matter of during the 67 year, price of silver jumped up all the way, but all the way up to $2 per troy, ounce, okay, tu and I.

It doesn't seem like a whole lot, but when you're, you know still cranking out coins that are silver.

Okay, it makes a huge difference to your bottom line, all right, the US Mint they stopped producing any sort of meaningful silver coins three years prior.

So you know kudos for the to the Canadian Mint for even attempting to go.

You know further than what we did all right, which is cool, because silver coinage can be found all the way up to 68.

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Of course, in 68 you know they're 50% composition, in which the other half is copper.

Alright, so so it's a silver copper mix on these coins.

Now the two images that you see here I mean it looks like the same coin.

Guys, don't you agree? You know they have a bobcat.

You know what one is just different got a different light exposure one looks more lustrous than the other, but you know that's where the similarities end on this one guys.

As a matter of fact, the coin on the left, okay, is a standard.

Traditional silver Bobcat reverse.


The coin on the right, however, is actually in experimental pattern comprised entirely of nickel.

Alright and the cool thing about this coin is, it is magnetic alright, it sticks to a magnet.

So you know: where does this coin come from? Well, the world Canadian Mint.

They did a lot of neat experimental patterns and specimen strikes of you know that nature, okay, they had it going on for the better part of the last hundred years.

Alright, so that's their way of kind of testing out plant jets for the hardness for the strike and everything in between.

So when, when the you, the Royal Canadian Mint, comes to a critical juncture in the production of their coins, when they're going from one composition that they they've been used to utilizing to something else completely different.

Okay, in this case nickel, they have to try it out.

So during the 1967 year, all right, not only did they produce an 80% composition bobcat, they also did a 50 percent composition bobcat, and that is that is a reaction toward the rising prices of silver, okay, $2, a troy ounce.

Again it's through the roof.

Oh, but you know they also did some of these top-secret strikes on nickel planets, all right that are very magnetized.

So this coin right here sold on eBay all right out of all places.

I mean it is one of the the biggest market places in the world.

You know to sell anything and everything whether you're, you know on one side of the earth or the other.

Okay, everybody seems to gravitate towards eBay as the marketplace and I'm cool with that, because I'm evil I'll talk about coins like this, but this one right here sold for forty five hundred dollars, Canadian all right, which comes out to let's see I.

Have it right here folks and it's 33 78 and 59 cents, us all right.

It's a lot of money for a nickel pattern.

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Bobcat reverse quarter, alright! So I guess a big question is: where do these? Come from alright, we know they come from the Royal Canadian Mint, okay and they produce them.

For you know for the experimentation of a new planchet, okay I, you know the Royal Canadian Mint.

They are notorious for actually handing out and selling these various experimental patterns.

Okay, somehow someway a lot of them end up, leaving the mint okay, whether they're given away you know to authority figures, you know like senate's and all that I.

You know it's a different hierarchy than what the US is with.

You know all that, but you know lot of these experimental strike points ended up being given away as a gift.

Okay same with the the British mint as well.

Okay, a lot of those experimental strikes that they've produced over the years.

Okay: they they eventually make it out into the marketplace, because they, you know, they're, not shy about holding on the coins like this okay, so that's pretty cool.

So this coin is graded, but not from what you know a being that I'm a u.s.

coin collector, like a lot of you, are- and you know, I- get a lot of Canadian folks on my channel as well.

Thank you guys, um.

You know, but they are this particular coin.

Right here is graded through a company called iccs all right, so their coins are encapsulated in a almost like a two by two kind of flip and then what they'll do is they'll insert that paper sleeve with the actual grading components on there.

So this particular coin right here graded out, I, CCS, mint state, 64, okay, so that that's, that is the Canadian grading service of choice.

Okay, there is also one other grading company in Canada that a lot of a lot of collectors kind of you know they head to for their grading needs.

Of course they also submit them to PCGS and NGC as well.

So I must I must tell you that there is a a pattern.

Catalog number that goes with this okay and that's what the DC 34 is on this particular example.


Finally, you guys would probably get asked me well is this something that I could find and change? Probably not you know.

That's that's a tough one.

You know by all accounts, but this is a coin that typically you never know where it comes up.

You know it could very well be in a collection that someone has had for 50 years or more.


You know and it's it's a coin that can be easily overlooked, especially if you don't know exactly what you're dealing with, because for a longest time.

You know these coins should be they.

Actually they have two different compositions, so that kind of complicates things a little bit when there is a nickel.

You know specimen pattern out there.

You know.

Sometimes you just don't think.

Oh yeah, it's that this one looks a little bit dollar in Finnish.

Therefore, it's the 50% silver and, by the way, the two different other compositions in silver, the 80% and a 50%.

There is virtually no way difference there, almost kind of tough to tell the good thing is well I, don't know if it's a good thing or not, but both coins sell for a similar value, even though one has a 50% composition and once 80 they solve for the same amount of money.

So you know it's.

It's almost like it's kind of this acceptance that the coin is worth X amount of dollars across the board, regardless of what I guess, silver composition value you have out of both coins, but anyways I wanted to talk about this neat.

You know pattern strike.

Bobcat, reverse you know coin.

You know again, because is the Confederate Confederation Centennial that marks a hundred year anniversary? You know it's a neat coin: okay, if you're in the nature and Wildlife these coins certainly appeal to you.

They appeal to me as especially because I've owned a number of these sets not the patterns, but you know just the just the regular strikes.

You know the business circulation strikes that they made, but this was a really interesting coin.

So yeah it's worth a lot of money, yeah, 4500, Canadian or 3,400 us.

It doesn't matter how you slice and dice this thing.

This thing is amazing, but I want to thank everyone for joining in sorry, it's kind of a long-winded video I could be kind of scatterbrained on these things and go all over the place, but you know this is what we talk about.

You know really neat coins that come across the auction block.

Why are they about? Can you find him? Okay, this one, this one's, tough, okay, it's not every day that you find something like this and change more likely again, it's gonna be something that's acquired through a collection, most of your main Canadian coin.

Dealers will already know what this coin is.

So that's a tough call anyways.

Thank you for checking in on this really cool quarter.

(Video) 1967 centennial quarter found!!!

Give me a light.

Give me a light if you enjoyed today's content- and you know also check me out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you guys have a wonderful evening and I'll see you on the next one, keep collecting keep hunting.


What makes a 1967 quarter so rare? ›

You'll know that your 1967 quarter is rare if it's either got a mint error on it or is graded as a mint-state coin. Mint errors make a coin look unique and one-of-a-kind, which raises its value. The same goes for quarters that are designated an uncirculated grade of MS60 and above.

What year is the rarest Canadian quarter? ›

1906 Small Crown

Experts believe that manufacturers used a single crown die to strike around 100 examples before replacing it with a larger die. It makes the 1906 small crown a rare find and the most unique of all Canadian quarters. These examples are mainly in low-grade conditions, with heavily eroded features.

Is there any silver in a 1967 Canadian quarter? ›

Silver Composition Varieties

During 1967, the rising price of silver forced a reduction in the silver content to use to make the 25-cent coins from 80% to 50%. The two varieties are not distinguishable by eye.

Are there any rare Canadian quarters? ›

There are several rare Canadian quarters that are worth money. Early Canadian 25-cent pieces, such as many Queen Victoria Canadian quarters, mainly derive their value from their rarity and historical significance.

How can you tell if a 1967 quarter is valuable? ›

The 1967 Washington 25 cents must show no signs of circulation to be a worthwhile investment. These circulation-related indicators can include lumps, dings, severe wear, and a loss of the original sheen. The 1967 Washington will only be worth its face value of 25 cents in these circumstances.

Is a 1967 quarter worth keeping? ›

1967 Quarter Value Chart (Updated price)

The 1967 quarter value is worth $2.50-$2.75 for an uncirculated coin and $1.00-$1.25 for a circulated quarter, as of 2018 (average grade). In high grades (MS67, MS68), Proofs, Uncirculated (MS+) or Mint Condition can be Worth until $8,813.

What Canadian coins are collectors looking for? ›

List of the Rarest Canadian Coins Worth Money
Rare Canadian Coins Worth MoneyEstimated Value
1916 C Gold Sovereign$24,961.18-$163,409.53 CAD
1969 Large Date 10-Cents$8,470.31-$16,415.91 CAD
1921 Silver 5-Cents$1,694.81-$50,283.66 CAD
1936 Canadian "Dot" Pennyup to $400,000 USD
9 more rows

What Canadian quarters are worth value? ›

Sort by
QuartersValue Range
1875-H 25c MS$221.00 - $26,400 $221.00 - $26,400
1880-H 25c MS Wide 0$68.00 - $12,000 $68.00 - $12,000
1880-H 25c MS Narrow 0$27.00 - $8,130 $27.00 - $8,130
1881-H 25c MS$13.50 - $6,250 $13.50 - $6,250
69 more rows

How much silver is in 1967 Canadian coins? ›

Buy this single year of issue silver dollar, originally minted in 1967 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Canadian Confederation. Each $1 face value silver dollar contains approximately 0.6 ounces of pure silver.

Is a 1967 quarter real silver? ›

Are there any 1967 quarters made from real silver? No, all 1967 quarters are made from clad composition copper-nickel. As you know due to the inflation in 1965 the price of silver exceeded the face value of a US quarter dollar. This is why the government decided to switch to a new composition and save up some money.

What are 1967 Canadian coins made of? ›

So for the 1st half of the year the 10 cent and 25 cent coins were produced using 80% silver, and sometime during the year it was switched to 50% silver. There is no way to tell the difference (unless they are melted), as the coins look, and weigh exactly the same.

What years of Canadian quarters are silver? ›

Canada Silver Quarter (1920-1967)

Which Canadian silver dollars are worth money? ›

Sort by
$1 Dollar -SilverValue Range
1966 $1 MS Small Beads$2,500 - $6,250 $2,500 - $6,250
1967 $1 MS Diving Goose$715 - $2,500 $715 - $2,500
1967 $1 MS Double Struck$845 - $2,500 $845 - $2,500
1967 $1 MS Flip Struck$11,300 - $11,300 $11,300 - $11,300
60 more rows

Are Canadian quarters solid silver? ›

Dollars and half-dollars - 80% silver. Quarters and dimes: ~ half 80%, half 50% (they switched the purity these coins were made halfway through the year).

Which quarter is worth $35000? ›

And while it's no surprise that many 200-year-old coins are worth more than the standard value, it turns out that a 1970 quarter could be worth far more than 25 cents! How much more? Well, a quarter listed on eBay recently sold for a whopping $35,000.

Do all 1967 quarters have no mint mark? ›

There are no silver 1967 quarters. There are no mint marks on the 1967 quarters. The most valuable 1967 quarter was sold at an auction in 2017 for $8,800.

What quarter is the rarest quarter? ›

1963-D Washington Quarter

The Denver mint struck these Washington quarters. It is one of the rarest versions to find. Uncirculated versions with fewer marks can fetch a great fortune. The price ranges from $6.26 up to $16,100, depending on Mint State.

How do I know if I have a rare quarter? ›

Here's how to check if you have a rare quarter and how to estimate its value: Check the internet for what marks, mint errors and dates to look for on your type of quarter. For example, some have common mint errors that make the coin more valuable like the 1999-P Delaware State Quarter spitting horse mint error.


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